Jannet Mitchell

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Chap 5: The Terrible Truth

Being a curious soul, that Jannet was, she wanted to find out the answers to all the questions that had been ruling her mind since she got here. Jannet decided to explore the place so when they all came back to their room after breakfast, Jannet put up a conversation.

“I wanna explore this place, would any of you join me?” Jannet asked and the other girls all readily agreed. So then and there it was decided that after lunch they’ll roam around.

Lunch was as usual and after that the girls set out to explore the orphanage. They were crossing the matron’s office when they overheard the matron talking to someone. They stayed there to listen

“Yea sir, you may come visit tomorrow”

“Have you the life story ready?”

“Yes, sir. Everything’s ready”

“Who’s she talking to?” Leneh whispered

“I don’t know” Sarah said

“Let’s check when the matron leaves her office” suggested Mora

“It’s gonna be risky but okay, I’m in” said Ruby

“I’m down” Jannet added

They hid behind the piller of her office waiting desperately for the matron to come out and she finally came after so long. They saw her leave and they made sure she wasn’t around. Leneh and Jannet were in charge of guiding the office and warning Ruby, Mora and Sarah of danger. The 3 girls went inside and Jannet and Leneh watched guard. It wasn’t long before they came out and started running. Leneh and Jannet followed. They went in their room and locked it. Mora was holding a large file and she then opened it revealing something, something they had doubted and suspected for a long time but it still came as a shock. No, no. This can’t be true. This shouldn’t be true. Jannet didn’t want to believe the fact that lay before her. The room fell silent. The matron was not a human. Blood ran cold sending shivers down everyone’s spine. Mombaka was a werewolf. The reason she looked like a human was because at full moon she transfers to her original self but at day, she was a human. The fact explained everything, answered all the questions that had been ruling Jannet’s mind for days. There was more to the fact. Mombaka’s parents and grandparents all were werewolves but her great grandfather was half human, half werewolf which made Mombaka the next one in her family to be a human werewolf. Mombaka had a mission. She was supposed to bite people as a human. After her great grandfather, Mombaka was to take in charge of the duty. When Mombaka was young, she was choosen as the responsible one by the leader of the pack. He choose Mombaka to carry on the mission to bite humans because biting a human made that human a werewolf or a human werewolf. The werewolves wanted more and more people in their community because they wanted their community to be more strong and powerful than the human one. To carry on the mission, Mombaka had opened up an orphanage so that she could make a human a werewolf each day.

“So the people we thought are dead, ain’t really dead?” Leneh said

“This news is pretty disturbing, yeah but that just means all those beloved people are part of the werewolf community and not part of dead people” said Sarah

“Yeah but I wonder who she was willing to give this information to” Jannet said

“Must be another werewolf or oh- the werewolf leader to show her progress, afterall it has the names of the dead/werewolf people” Ruby said.

“This place isn’t safe anymore” Mora said

“Yeah, Molly isn’t dead either but she’s dangerous” Leneh said

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