The last one standing

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These friends go an adventure but who returns? 👤

Mystery / Humor
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Meet the cast

"Cmon Lucas hurry up I'm tired of waiting" I said

I am Noah and I'm pretty tall with brown hair green eyes and a little bit of freckles. I usually wear my range of hoodiea with a pair of pants of shorts depending on the weather.

"Hold on I'm coming nimwad! You have the patience of my mom"

He responded
That's one of my best friends his name is lucas. He is a little taller than me, has black hair, and has hazel eyes.
"You wish I was your mom"

"What? What that's suppose to mean? "

"I don't know just c'mon"

"Coming! "

As he said that I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs.


"What's up, you ready?"

"Yup let's good" he responded running toward the door. I followed not to far behind him.

As we got to my car u asked him something.

"Dude where are your parents?

" there out for there anniversary "

"Oh ok do they know your coming to camp with us? "

"Nah" he responded ahruging his shoulders.

"Dude what you can't just not tell your parents that ur coming with us! " I said

" calm down my parents trust u and it's only overnight camping, my parents are gonna be gone for a week! " he responded half yelling twards the end.

"Okaayyy so if u get caught that's on you."
I hissed.

"How would I get caught? " he hissed back

I turned on the radio and headed to another friend we were taking house.


I pulled into my friend parking lot. I already see her waiting at he door

"Heyy allsion" I greeted.

"Heyy" she respondes excitedly waving.
Allison is 5'5 girl who had straight brown hair with brown eyes.

"Where's avery is she ready? " I asked.
Avery is the same height as Allison. She had black curly hair with hazle eyes like lucas

"Yeah" she said. She then turned around and shouted Avery's name to which avery came rushing with her bags.
"Get in put your things in the trunk" I shouted getting back in my car.


"Okay so do we have everything" lucas asked"

Allison, me, and avery nodded our heads in union

"Are y'all SURE" lucas said concerned

"YES" avery and Allison said

"Just drive I'm already tired of all of you" Allison said sarcastically

I laughed and pulled out of her parking lot.
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