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Chp.2_The witness

December 19th, 2019

Slowly blinking my eyes open I turn to my right side, trying to focus on the alarm clock with my fuzzy eyesight from sleep state.

It's been two hours since I laid in bed to sleep and I had already waked up three times.

Why, you may ask. Well, the answer is very simple, I was going home.
And why is that making me sleepless and restless and with anxiety? Well, let's just say that I was not very happy to return to said home.

It wasn't that I didn't miss my mother, don't get me wrong, I do really miss her and her laugh, her small smiles and her home cooked food, My God, I can't even describe how good her food is, and the smell...hmm... Just thinking about it makes my stomach rumble.

But returning to the point, I wasn't very enthusiastic of the fact that tomorrow, by this time, I was going to be lying in my bed, in that room that kept so many secrets, in that house, that despite everything, held more bad memories than good ones.

I had tried to run away from them, to hide. It was the main reason why I left town to come to another state, a bigger city, with so many people, so that I wouldn't feel alone and helpless ever again.

And still, despite everything, sometimes I could feel his hot breath on my skin, the weight of his body against mine.
When that appended, I would usually go for a run, feel the wind slapping against my skin and my feet slamming on the sidewalks, faster and faster. Until my brain processed that I was free now and that nothing like that would ever happen to me again.

I focused my gaze on the red numbers of the alarm clock's display and took a deep breath, the first of the many that I would surely take today.

When I came to this city, the first thing that I did after I got my job was to go to a psychologist. Dr. Avery just appended to be working on a small office just around the corner of my block at the time, and it was to her that I confided all the disgraces that my family's life and my own were filled with.
It was she who though me the importance of taking deep, slow breaths so that I wouldn't have a panic attack every time that I had a nightmare, or my mind took over and started reliving those bad and disgusting memories from the past all over again.

I squeezed my eyes shut the hardest that I could.

I just can't take it anymore.

Knowing that I got scarred for life, both physically and mentally, and that animal just got to walk around every day, without anyone knowing, without taking any responsibility for what he did to me, without being behind the bars, while everyday, I fight to get away of the jail he put me on.

I needed to do something.

I was going back home after all these years but I wasn't going to return the same helpless little girl, afraid of what would happen to me and my mother if someone found out.

I was going to come stronger and more confident.

I was going to show him that I also had the power to destroy him for life.

Getting the courage that I needed from the deepen of by being, I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and sent him a message.

I'm going to tell the truth. 00:46 am


December 21st, 2019
Novi Police Department, Michigan

"Good morning, detective Edwards" The old woman sitting at the reception waiting area of the police station sneered.
Miss Blake was how she insisted everyone to call her, and since nobody except her late husband (the rumour was that he died tired of listening to her complaints about everything - lucky him), there was no other option if not to obey the old woman's wishes.

Despite being despicable and boring to everybody, including the police's and the firefighters departments, who apparently didn't have nothing better to do if not running around looking for her cat when he was missing (probably just taking a break from it's owner), Miss Blake was here today as a eye witness for the Hastings case.
She had called yesterday afternoon saying that she had information that could possibly help with the case, and was available to testify at the station as soon as possible, despite all the chores that she allegedly had to take care of.

"Good morning Miss Blake. I assume you are ready to give your testimony, if you follow me." Edwards walked to the same interrogation room from the previous day, opening the door widely for the woman to pass, signalling for her to take a sit on the chair at the other side of the table.

"So, you said that you had informations about this case?" The detective asked, opening his notes and taking a pen from his breast pocket.

"Yes. As you know I live in front of where her car was parked, so I saw everything that happened before she started to run away. I even called the police when I thought I saw a glimmer on the back of the man's pants, you know, the street light reflecting on something. I could swear it was a gun, so I hurried to my phone and called here, but you incompetents bastards didn't pick up. So after I tried a few times, I decided I should call the firefighters, but strange coincidence, they didn't pick up either, and after ringing a few times, I heard that annoying lady's voice saying some nonsense about my number being blocked by them. I was watching from my window when they went after her and after a few minutes I started hearing gun shots, at least I thought so, as you probably know my late husband, rest his soul, loved hunting, and we usually went nort-"

"Miss Blake? Can we please focus? Tell me exactly what happened, from the beginning." Edwards interrupted, massaged his temples with his fingers, running them in his thinning hair afterwards. He had to be careful with it, his doctor had said that he should shaved it before starting the treatment. But the detective was stubborn and besides, he didn't want the town's people to start asking and worrying about him.

The woman let out a displeasure sound, crossing her arms in front of her chest like a child that was about to make a tantrum. "Fine, detective. I was in my living room watching that Mexican soap opera that everyone talks about. Well, it was probably around half past eleven and Rosario was about to find that Joaquin was cheating on her with her sis-" The detective sighed.

It was going to be a long and painful morning if he was going to have to sit here listening to miss Blake blabbering instead of going straight to what matters.

Miss Blake cleared her throat and started again. "It was around half past eleven wen I heard a loud rumble of a motorcycle so I went to the window to see who was making that noise that time of the night. I saw a car already parked there with someone inside, I recognised her car, the Hastings girl, she was always kind to me, you know, contrary to other people." She eyed the man in front of her meaningfully. "By the time that the motorcycle parked by her side I saw another car approaching very slowly, so slowly that it appeared to be stopped, from the other way around without the lights on, and I just had a feeling that something wasn't right so I called the police."

"And you already told me that no-one answered. Our phones had went down the previous day and the maintenance was replacing the burnet cables." Edwards scribed something down on his notes, a hunch, maybe the ruined phone line wasn't an accident due to the old and used materials.
He nodded for her to continue.

"So I just kept calling, meanwhile she opened her car door and slowly approached the man on the bike. I don't think she saw or heard the other car. I saw him extend his hand towards her, as if expecting to receive something and after speaking a few minutes she backed away to her car. She started speaking louder, almost shouting that she didn't do anything wrong, something about telling the truth and that it wasn't her fault. The man didn't seem to know what she was talking about and just kept demanding for her to return something, it seemed to be important, something she wasn't supposed to see."

The detective hummed something and continued scribing notes of the woman's testimony, gesturing for her to keep going.

"After a few more words he seemed to convince her that they weren't talking about the same and she took something from her pocket then and threw it to the woods and the man went to catch it. When she turned around to open her car door, the other car stopped and maybe five or six men started to exit from the inside, surrounding her, one of them said something to her and she just started running away from them. He started shouting that she couldn't get away and that was when I think they started shooting." Miss Blake finishes, the room filled with tension.

"This is also your fault, you know? If you people just kept things in good state around here and maybe answered the damn phone she wouldn't be dead." She stood up and left the room, slamming the door closed, leaving detective Edwards with his thoughts.

He looked at the words he had written and slowly stood up, opened the door and walked towards the reception.
Edwards tapped his finger on the reception desk to get the young officer attention. "Call however was here from the phone company on the other day. Tell them to bring a report of what caused the line's breakdown."

End of chapter 2

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