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Rotten Roses

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Rosaria is a 23 year old forensic psychology student who teams up with a not-so-famous TV show investigators Allen, Roy and Ash to learn about the secrets being hidden at an abandoned mansion called Ivy Wood, where a murder incident took place years back. But when the past secrets slowly unfolds, they slowly discover more death cases and troubles when someone from the present tries to hunt the team down, one-by-one, to not only prevent the reinvestigation of the case, but also to hold the reputation of being in power...with the help of an evil entity. So join this overwhelming journey if you're interested! ^^^^^^^^^^^ "I'll ask again, why are we doing this?" Allen asked with a hint of fear audible in her voice. "Because this is our job." Roy said casually while Ash took few deep breathes to calm down. "No." Rose started. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm doing this for the thrill."

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

Year 1998

Earth’s aroma filled the abandoned surroundings of the Ivy Wood Mansion as the rain poured heavily with no hint going away anytime soon. Thunder splashed in a heartbeat, making the dark night visible for few milliseconds. But that wasn’t of any help for the Mr. Williams, the only judge of the Necburg Town, who probably has the highest position to manage the law and crime in that area.

His clean and polished black shoes turned muddy as he ran as fast as he could with his poor lungs condition. But unfortunately, his effort seem to be of no use after fell right on his face. He got up and cleared his face with his muddy hands, which slowly started to get dissolved by the heavy rain. He couldn’t breathe for few minutes, so he stayed still to catch his breathe. And that’s when the current owner of the Ivy wood mansion stood right behind him with a victorious smirk.

“Tick tock time’s up. The old man can’t run anymore.” He said with his deep voice. Mr. Williams’ face drained it’s color after hearing the terrifying voice right behind him. He wanted to run but he knows that he can’t stand a chance. He scanned through the puddles and spotted a piece of wood lying at the side. Before he could grab it, the guy behind him slaughtered his neck, which made his muddy body drip in red color and soon, the ground too.

A hint of life could be seen in Mr. Williams, who blinked right in front of his last moment on earth. The guy who is the culprit, felt victorious ”I was hoping to torture him to death though.” He said with a smirk on his face.

His proud smirk soon dropped when he felt a hard sting of pain at his abdomen area. He looked down and saw the judge holding a sharp wood piece that’s been pierced onto the culprit’s body. The judge, then completely collapsed while the culprit tried to remove the wooden piece out of his body. But he soon fell down alongside the judge. The rain continued to pour down heavily on them as their lifeless body stayed still.

“Police has found a body at the front yard of Ivy Wood Mansion. Unfortunately, Mr. Williams, who was the only judge of the Necburg Town seem to loose his life whereas the owner of the mansion, Mr. Alfred Addams’ bodyhas been found inside the living hall of the mansion. Police stated that they will continue the inves-” The TV screen was shut by the woman in her thirties who felt despair after learning the news. She looked at her one year old baby who’s sleeping on the crib that belongs to the motel she’s currently staying at.

And who is she? She used to be the mistress of the Ivy Wood mansion and her husband, is the one who’s being talked about on the TV. She knew he’s a psychopath. She learned about his sadistic nature when she got together with him, but never complained hoping that he would change. But after giving birth to their baby, she decided to leave him and ran away to the mainstream city, Yuwale, that is 6 hours of ride from Necburg. But just a few days passed and the breaking news is about him murdering the judge, who was reason she and her baby was able to run away from that hellhole. She felt guilty for that.

What if the police catches me and suspects me? if that happens, my baby will be all alone. She thought, but she shook her head, denying such fate to come upon her and her baby.

I should start a new life. For my baby. She thought and laid on the bed, trying her best to fall asleep from this crazy reality.

Even though she had a new start to her life with her baby, she passed away just three years later, leaving the four year old child all alone.

Year 2001

An orphanage at the neighbouring city of Yuwale, took the child in. Many days passed and the child remained quiet and silent. Even the fellow orphans started to avoid the child who never really talked to them.

“You know, the newbie is so creepy because I never heard a word from it’s mouth.” They gossiped. The child knew what was being talked behind the back, but never cared or bothered to respond and continued to live in the very own reserved bubble.

Two more years passed, the six-year old was being bullied more and more by the fellow orphans. They called the little one creepy, silent monster and many other creative words. But again, the child stayed silent and took all of it in. But everything has it’s limits, We know that, and that limit led the little one to cry ugly at the garden that was half filled with beautiful roses.

The child continued to cry and cry like there is not even a day left to do it. But then, a deep voice said " Crying is useless.” said a deep voice from far. The little one sniffs and looked over, to see who that was. An unknown man with jet black hair and sharp blue eyes walked unsteadily.

The child looked up with tears when the man reached in front of the child. he then asked “Now, why are you crying?” the child sniffed “Ot-others, think I-I’m creepy and they c-call me a monster.” the little one broke out, the silence finally was released by the child’s voice that wasn’t heard by others.

The man then laughed “Isn’t that a good thing?” little one looked at him with confusion.

“How is that a good thing?”

The man stopped laughing and looked sharply into the child’s eyes and said “That means they are scared of you and you have the power to break them if that’s the case.” the child seem to get the point but wasn’t hoping to be in such position.

“But, that’s not a good thing.” the little one cried.

The mysterious man plucked a rose from the garden and stated “You have no clue how satisfying it feels when you have the power to be a monster in others eyes, my child.”

The kid looked up at the man with teary eyes with curiosity and confusion.

A black fog magically appeared in the man’s hand. It surrounded the flower which slowly started to rot. The little one got terrified when the man did that “Are you an evil monster?”

The mysterious man looked at kid and smiled “Maybe...if you say so.”

For a weird reason, the child wasn’t scared of this man. Because the little one felt that this man was way better than those foster kids who are bullies. Thinking about them itself brings despair to the little one.

“Can you use this magic trick on others?” the child asked with curiosity. He internally smirked when the little one asked that.

“And why do you want to know that?”

The child hesitated at first, but then confessed “So that you can help me to destroy others who bullies me.′

The man then widely smiled ”You are a little monster, just like me."

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