Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

Blessing got new guys who began to date her and she was busy with those

The competition was to much for Brain, and the guys that were dating Blessing were more handsome than Brain

Which led to his down full, he lost the opportunity from primary

That's the end of my story, I just have a question for you. Alley said to her friend on the phone

What didn't you get in the story, Alley asked

But before her friend on the phone answered, airtime got over

Though she asked for the question on the phone, she was targeting Grace

O my, my airtime got over, but it's fine, am gonna call her again. Alley said to herself

And she asked Grace the same question

Grace's ears were so attentive to the story when Alley had started to the end

Yes, the story was so amazing that I couldn't miss out. Grace replied

And I listened from the start to it's end and I have learnt alot

But what was important much was I should share what is killing my heart, what is on my mind

I have discovered that we loose sometimes not knowing and it's caused by self handing

And please can I become your friend, can I have your number. Grace ask

But starting with her sharing, she was smiling, her face looking flesh

Hey Alley, can we go now, friends of Alley had finished watching and going home

Of course, let us go, Alley replied

Or I forgot Grace, give me your phone I put you my number and she hugged her and left with friends

After some good times from the death of Efficient's mother

Efficient brought another suggestion of killing his young brother so that he can take the whole land for himself

This young brother of Efficient was a drunken

But you know what we did dear didn't sound out well, my mother gone but she didn't give us more share of land

Why don't we do the same to my young brother and we take {giving themselves} the whole land

Yes, and I promise you that no one is going to know, let's do it, Sarah replied

For this time they were confident on what they were doing

They began to beat Andrew every night

Andrew was taking alcohol to the bar which was near his house

He would drink alcohol and move some few steps to his house and he could leave the bar when it is late

Efficient and his wife Sarah would wait for Andrew to leave the bar to his house and go there to beat him

But in the process of beating Andrew, Andrew began to tell fellow friends at bar when they would be drinking, that his brother and his wife Sarah bit him every night

From there people on the bar began to suspect Efficient and his wife Sarah

But the beating of Andrew grew to the extent of happening in day time

The suspection of the people at the bar was no more of suspection, they began to here Efficient and his wife Sarah beat Andrew

These friends of Andrew at the bar, began to spread rumors about the beating of Andrew

When the year was reaching in the middle, Efficient and his wife Sarah killed Andrew

It was night when they killed him, but after killing him in his house, they looked for the solution which resulted into a problem to them

They called their friends who had the car to take Andrew from home and throw him into the river

Though they were doing this, the time was coming to morning

When these friends of Efficient took Andrew's body to throw it in the river, the passed in the wrong road and when they tried to turn back to the correct road, they saw some people walking

This scared them and forced them to throw Andrew's body in the road after these people had gone a short distance from them and they left it there

For Efficient and his wife had remained at home

Efficient was cleaning the blood that was in Andrew's house and Sarah arranging her things to escape from the village

But as God do his things, it reached morning when they had not finished everything

It was 7:00 am, people saw someone lied down in the road, and called others and surrounded the body

On trying to see well, they saw it was Andrew's body and at that time, they called the police to come and see the body

When the police reached, the some people knew about the conflicts Efficient had and his brother Andrew

And they directed the police to go straight to Efficient's home and arrest him and his wife Sarah because they have been beating him

The police team separated itself and some took the body of Andrew and others went to Efficient's home to arrest him
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