Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

When the police reached, they found Efficient and his wife Sarah they, showing they know nothing

And the police asked them if they know what has happened

But they said no, they know nothing

The police asked Efficient to go with it in Andrew's house for more details

When they reached in the house, they saw some small dots of blood going into Andrew's bathroom, on seeing very well how Efficient is dressed up, they saw some blood on his trouser

This was no ask for more details, the police took Efficient and his wife Sarah to the prison

What is paining is that they left their beautiful girl who had not learnt how things go

After the police had arrested Efficient and his wife Sarah, it allowed the burial to take place but quickly because it wanted to gather more information on Andrew's death

In the morning they began the burial, which started at 10:00am and ended at 12:00pm

The burial got led by a Father {catholic preacher}

Praise the Lord {the Father began to lead the burial}

Am glad for everyone who is here, thank you for loving and honoring your brother Andrew

The bible say time for everything, time for planting, time for harvesting, time to be born, time to die

Yes, this is the life we live in, some get happy others get sad in the same time, maybe in different locations {homes}

But I wanna tell you that all of our works gain us nothing

The most important is to trust God before we leave this world

One thinks of their riches, but they die and leave them tomorrow

Like here our brother Andrew, he has been good man and most of you know that and he has been trusting God

But he got taken in the way no one accepted, but this was God's plans

In proverbs talks about having little but honestly and having much and dishonestly

Our brother Andrew has been having little but honestly

There are those evil people who killed him, who wanted many in dishonest way

First of all, they have lost the battle because they won't take the land

Right now they're in prison, you wonder what good thing did they gain in killing

Now they have left their child behind, the land they wanted, everything good they have been having of being greedy, wanting much

Brethrens, I tell you starting from today you should know that we do what we do, but God is watching

Right now I pray the soul of our brother Andrew to rest in peace

May God bless everyone who came as we are putting soil on the body of our brother Andrew

After the burial, the relatives made the meeting and chose who will be living in the house of the Andrew, looking after everything in the land

Efficient and his wife Sarah ended in the prison and even if they would have left the prison, they had no access to the land

Be blessed everyone

Let us have our trusts in God and faith that he will provide our needs

Live a satisfied life, know what you don't have is God's will

He is preparing you what is beyond that

We fight for world things but we reach time we leave them on this earth

Getting what you need in wrong way, make your life suffer until you die, because of the words people are talking about you, you have no blessings from the people you stole from, maybe you killed them, maybe you forced them

But blessed is the one who is kind in seeking, who asked in good way, given or not it's none of their business, because they know all is God's plan
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