Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction is the life of peace Let us learn how to live with the little we get

Mystery / Thriller
Emma Arinitwe
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The living of the satisfaction

The writer starts saying;

Most of the people think of their physical "do's "(what they do)

The eyes of physical viewing, the hopes of no love, satisfied not, dying to achieve what they want

They run for the gold behind the wall, dark color, not for the silver which is in open place

Eyes opening of the box, not the hands, reading of the minds of others according to their physical appearance

But that's not the way of living the life of satisfaction

We live the life of inner not outer

We cooperate with the situation that is around us, for achievement of our goals

Who can tell when their friends get hungry for the first time, like the appearance of it in the stomach and tell

Who can tell the words one is about to say

One day of seeing;

As I was at home, there came one of our neighbor's relative

She was a girl called Esther

At first time as she reached, she showed that she is workfull

She was good behaved

She talked wisdom, knowledge mostly when she could be talking to me

But the talks, the dose of hers became senseless

Talking of her goodness to mother, the tell from mother was you don't know her, such girls come showing off but they reached the time and change

Indeed she reached sometime and changed

The workfull became lazy, the behaved one lost the value

Let's not be physical for the good life.


Why you always think of the garden mother

Alley asking her mother Jane

Infact mother, you're always talking of your growns(plants)

Elder son of Jane added

And Jane replied them by saying;

Children, it's not I think of my growings(plants), am just concerned about your lives

Am the teaching of your future, teaching you how you should plan for your lives

You have to be life planned not to walk your lives nothingless

Okay mother, Alley replied

This family was made of three members, Jane who was a mother to Alley and James

James was the elder son aged 23yrs and Alley was the young aged 18yrs

They lived in the village with green environment and some hills

But they lived poor physical richness life, though in their hearts were rich

Though they looked like that, they had their neighbor who was rich physically

This family was of the man called Efficient

He had a woman called Sarah and one girl called Victor who was 27yrs

Since you have said that mother, let's get our hoes we go to dig, Alley's request her mother

Yes my child, let's go dig, Jane replied

And they left home, but for James had a job he did for some little money which the used to buy some things at home

So when Alley and her mother left, James closed the house and left for work

He was a designer and he was good at designing people's dressings

James worked near at their home, and he could come for lunch

And as Alley and her mother were digging, the time cought them for cooking lunch

Oh mother, let's go home because the time of James to come is reaching, Alley asked

Okay, level that side of yours, Jane requested

Yes mother, Alley replied

And they went home and arranged the food, and when the food got ready, before serving themselves, James entered

Hello, how is everyone, James greeted

We're fine, Alley and her mother replied

You came on the target, Alley said

Really, you mean the food is ready and am about to enjoy, James asked

Of course brother, Alley replied
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