Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

It was morning, Alley was in the house taking her black tea with the heart focused, she had Efficient's daughter talking on the phone with her friend about the outreach

Hello, do you know next week we're having an outreach, Efficient's daughter talking on the phone

What? They can't even invite us to accompany them when even we are their neighbors, Alley complained, talking to herself

Instead they invite their friends who are far, what if something bad happens to them like at night

Aaa.... let it be, I see we live unstressed life

Not far the outreach time came and this friend of Efficient's daughter which she invited came

She was a beautiful girl called Judith, she walked the princess walk (style) , the eyes of hers were convincing of sex

Hello, is there anyone in, Judith on Efficient's door knocking

And Alley moved out of the house, and saw a girl standing outside Efficient's house

Hello, how are you, am Alley

Yes, am fine, nice to meet you Alley, am Judith

Anha, you're looking for who, Alley asked

Am looking for Victor, Judith replied

And Alley answered her by saying, Oh, they have gone for jogging (morning running)

But they are near to reach, yes there they are

Thanks Alley, Judith thanked her

And Alley replied her by saying you're welcome but as she was saying welcome, her left foot was the last to enter their house, for she didn't want Efficient's family to see her talking with their visitor

Morning Judith, Victor greeted

Am fine how is you, Judith replied

This is my mother and my father, Victor introduced her parents to Judith

Nice to me you people, Judith replied

You are the best parents I have ever seen, This girl of yours has been so good to me

Come on girl, we look like other parents, Efficient's replied

But after Efficient had finished, his wife pulled her shoulders up and down and they entered the house with their visitor

Morning my beautiful girl, Jane greeting her daughter

Morning mother, Alley replied

Why don't your wake up and prepare for the church, today I don't want us to be late, Jane requested

Okay mother, Alley replied

Praise the Lord children of God, the pastor

Praise him, congregation replied

Yesterday seated in my compound, stressed up about my family

I just had the voice of God telling me, first see those trees in your compound

I looked at them, and again the voice of God telling

The comfortableness they have gate, when the wind blowing, when it rains, when it's hot

They keep firm , moving the up side, but the roots deeply fixed in the soil

That's how your life should be

Your life is fixed in God, no matter what happens

Quickly the Holy Spirit reminded me the scripture in 2 Peter 2:9

Which says; the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials, and how to keep the wicked under punishment

And the holy spirit asked me again; do you believe in God

My answer was yes, and exactly my brain got stirred up

Friends I wanna share and encourage you today that we have everything, trials gonna come, but we who believed, we have everything

For we have the greatest God, I don't know how I can even identify how big he is

When you read in Psalms 23:1 says;

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want


When you read in Genesis, the God we believe is the one who created all those things

Romans 8:31. It says if God is for us, who can be against us

Friends, the life you're living in, may look difficult, collecting the money to do something, but problems come in and take it, you look failure in your studies, what you read is what you forget,

The building of your life totally has failed, the dreams you had have gone down, you have left them away

But God is saying that's not your life, you're not a failure, God is with you, for what you need to do is to focus on his word

2 Peter 3:9

[9]The Lord is not slow to do what he has promised, as some think. Instead, he is patient with you, because he does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn away from their sins.

The mountains that have been distracting you, are going to be put down/away, the life you're in has been difficult, but is it the same like at first? the question is how old are you, which class are you, what clothes do you put on these days

The fact is that you're coming to the top of your dreams, when the devil sees you grow, it stands strong to confuse your minds, to show you that you're a failure

Let your faith be in God, be your daily bed, let us follow our Creator for he holds everything.

When the holy spirit revealed those scriptures to me I felt filled with power encouragement

Brethren let us stand strong in everything we're in, don't let the imaginations lie you that you have failed
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