Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

As others were at church, Efficient and his family were at home watching TV

But as they were watching, Victor got bored and move out, and began to ask herself about God

Is He really there, asking about God

Oh yes, I have everything I need so far, why do I have to go to church to pray, what can I do now

But as she was still asking herself what to do, she saw a lame boy in the wheel chair pushing himself going under mango tree on the street

This lame boy was living in the same village of Victor but they were not neighbors

Instead of helping him, she thought of bullying him

You stupid boy climb up and get me a mango, am counting from ten to one

The boy kept quiet

And she continued intimidating him

Do you know me, how rich were are at home, how am popular at school

Let me start my counting, make sure I have that mango in my hands or am going to make you burn inside

These words brought fear in the boy because Victor was serious when she was speaking them

The boy began to cry asking for mercy from Victor

But instead of Victor to have mercy upon this lame boy, she developed another plan of hurting him more

So she told him to go for tour

Since we live in green environment with hills, mountains, I will take you for a tour, I want you to feel our beautiful climate and see our green pasture, Victor said to lame boy

And she pushed his wheel chair but faster, making the boy more scared

The boy kept praying in his heart not to get a problem, his eyes were wide open seeing in the sides and in front where they were going

When they entered the forest, Victor stopped pushing the wheel chair and told him to follow her

The reason was that they had reached on the hill and it was difficult for her to push the wheel chair

She went in front and she began to touch everything in the forest, the leaves of the trees, flowers

But as she was doing that, she was talking to herself about the beauty of everything in the forest, while lame boy following

As the boy was following, he felt tired,,,, and began to move slowly

Victor on seeing behind, she saw a lame boy in a distance and shouted at him to be fast

But in doing all of this, Victor intended to leave this lame boy in the forest alone

Though she was doing that, she didn't know that the boy was wise over her

As they entered the forest in the beginning, the boy began to pour down red color where they were passing

For Victor did not see that happening because she was near him, so her eyes were looking in front in a distance

When they reached in the middle of the forest, Victor told this boy to wait for her in one place where they had reached

The boy responded and waited

That was the end of Victor being seen by the lame boy

Victor left and passed behind lame boy and went home

Thirty minutes, one hour, two hours, the boy waiting for Victor, who had gone home

Since he waited for Victor and she was no where to be seen, he decided to go back home

For Victor knew that this boy will not be able to take himself back because she passed him in confusing places

But the boy turned his wheel chair slowly and began to push himself back home following the red color he was pouring

But as he was going back, the hill became a bit problem to him, slanting on it

Though it was like that, he left the forest fine and went home
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