Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

Alley and her mother left church going home, Alley began to share how great the word was

Oooo.... my God, today's word was very... good, mother, Alley said

Yes dear, it was good, infact it reminded me time back when I was with your dad before he died

Getting even something to eat was difficult, I could go work in the factory and I get payed 200 (Ugandan shillings)

And I could buy a half of maize floor for you children to eat

For me I could not eat because I was not taking anything related with maize, for what I could do, was to keep the small food given to me for the evening, because that was my supper and lunch

But right now we can eat anything we need and not one meal but all the meals

Thank you mother, you have strengthen me more

The time kept on moving like that, but within them, they kept the faith the pastor had impacted in them

One night when they had finished eating, James brought up joke of disagreeing, this joke was about bewitching, but he was good at telling stories, like telling of the story and it's like happening that time

"Here is a girl called Joanna. James began a story

when her father died, she feared to ask her land from her step mother, that her step mother will bewitch her

Hahahaha, bewitching her? she is fearful, how?"

James James James, Alley shouted James's name and asked him;

Do you think everyone is like you, the fact is that you make my mind grow crazy, you even talk as if something is happening now

That's true Alley, Jane proposing Alley, he thinks his understanding is the same like others, but no

The pastor can be preaching and we all get different messages, maybe one can get lifted, another one feel discouraged

Do not think passing in class is the same like doing hand works, and it's a blessing to find someone can pass in class and do hand works

So you should see yourself in that position my son James.

Come on mother, the fear that is with this girl is beyond, she came to her father's burial but after people had left, she refused to eat any food from her step mother

On top of that she is fearing to ask for her share of the land, after that her step mother will go at her husband's house and chase her from there because she fear her

You think? Jane asked

Chasing someone in their home you think it's easy

Let's leave that, everyone is different, Alley said and they all went to sleep

The season of harvest reached and Jane began to wonder in her mind if money will be enough and as they were harvesting, she threw a maize in the bucket and said to Alley

Am not sure if I will get enough food to sell to buy you shoes

It's okay mother, let's just believe for God's provision, Alley replied

Okay my child.

The fact is that the harvests were not enough but because of the faith they had in God for the provision, they remained strong believing to get money, not stressed up even little abit

It was Friday when one of brethren called on the phone of Jane and asked her to come for visit

Next morning, Jane woke up and do somethings at home and she left for visit

When she reached, she got welcomed as if she is a child a home

Welcome my dear, come in, have a seat, brethren welcoming Jane

Thank you with a big smile, Jane replied

And this brethren began to explain how God's Spirit directed her to do something for her

As I was in the church listening to the pastor preaching last Sunday, I had the voice of God telling me to give you something, am glad of you coming here home

As she was talking these words, she was getting somethings from her room

Here are the things I have for you

With so much shock on Jane's face, she began to tear out, touching the things given to her

These things were clothes and shoes, but the amazing thing is that the shoes this brethren give her fitted her feet and she was putting on the same size with her daughter

With full passion, Jane kneeled down and began to thank this brethren

After thanking her, she left the house with no words to say with the things given to her, but tears were running on her face

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