Satisfaction {Rich}

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Satisfaction {Rich}

After same few months, Efficient began to beat his mother with the help of his wife

But they planned it to keep happening at 11:00mp everyday until she gives them more land

The mother of Efficient was old that she could not talk much, she could not shout and she loved both her children

Which made it easy for Efficient and his wife to mistreat her

It started slow, like scaring her and it kept growing big

They started by slapping her and after some few days, they began to beat her seriously

One month, a year, they killed her, though they did, no one in the village knew what caused her death

One night Alley was on her bed and she was about to sleep, it was about 12:00am, her friend called her to have a get together as friends

So in the morning very early, she left home to the place she agreed with her friend

Which was a hotel, and this friend of hers bought her a soda,

But she found other friends of her friend, they were all busy watching a movie and she followed

While they were still watching, they saw a girl coming to the room where they were

She was crying but thought she was crying, she was not loudly crying

Tears were running down

Alley and her friends wondered what was she on, coming in the place they were watching in crying

For her, she didn't know some people were there in the room, for it was early in the morning

Alley and her friends looked at each other, but Alley's friends looked to have no solution

So Alley went to her on the chair she was, and she sat down to ask whats the problem

Hello, kindly am sorry to interrupt you

I saw you coming in the room crying deeply, I felt touched to come I give you company, am Alley

And she replied her kindly and humble

Nice to meet you Alley, am called Grace

Then she bent her head down little abit showing she doesn't want to share anything with Alley, and she began to dry her tears

When Alley saw that, she got an idea of asking what does she like in order to make her share what is on her heart

What do you like as your favorite, Alley asked, the reply from Grace was many things

Okay, Alley replied, and said to her, I know that, but even me I like most of things, but there are things which runs our lives, the things we love most

But Grace kept quiet

Again Alley developed another idea of sharing a story to her indirectly

And she called her friend on the phone to share with her a story

But before she called, she sent her a message that she wanted to share a story to her and she is calling

The story was about the boy who failed to date a girl

My boss, you look busy these days, Alley commented

And she replied her yes, am glad for your call

Then she told her to listen to the story

And she began the story, but she did that to bring Grace's minds back, to make her share what she had on her heart

In the school call dream, there was a boy who admired a girl

But he failed to tell his love to her because of fear that the girl looked to be young

The boy was called Brain and the girl was called Blessing

They were all studying in the same class which was primary six

When they could be in class, the teacher would ask some questions and the girl answers and the boy fail

The girl was wise then the boy

But what was interesting is that the girl loved the boy

But the boy was scared to speak to the girl about love

On lunch time, they could move out because the were both taking lunch at home

But they were all sky, whenever they could be going home, they could just keep looking to each other waiting one of them to break out the conversation

For the boy didn't trust himself, the girl would ask him to assist her a pen everyday in class

The girl was creating the free connection to the boy

Time went on like that until they finished their primary level

When they joined secondary, Blessing became mature and old

That's when Brain waked up to make a move, but it was late for him
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