Biggest fear

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A Young mans life has been stopped by his biggest fear and everyone's life is beginning and his is ending...

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1: how the fear Begun

The story begins with a young man named Johnathan, he had a normal life like everyone else until one day in 1998 Johnathan was only 12 he was asked to go to the shop and buy some milk for his mum. John left the house with a 5 pound note in his hand and headed to the shop. Later that day Johnathan came running home with no milk or money and when he entered the house his mum asked what was wrong and he never answered that question. Later on that evening his mum put on the news on the tv and it said that everyone in the supermarket was found dead on the floor but they don't know how they all died. Johns mum was thinking that he might of seen something that he wasn't meant to see. Johnathan refused to go outside ever again. And that is how his fear of the outside world started...
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