Hypercritical Secret

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Everybody makes mistakes. Harmony is a young girl who lives her life in a Hypercritical secret. She is brought up by a woman who she thinks she is her mum, but later discovers that she was the one who assassinated her real mum in a car crash accident. She is later brought up by another rich woman after the death of the first one. Here she learns more about business and even finds herself involved in life to life business (murdering someone just for business). Her greatest business opponents are her biological blood, but she doesn't know. She finds herself dating her biological brother and using him to return back her foster mum's wealth. The most thing she regrets in life is hurting her family. She always asks herself, "who should I accuse for all my missteps."

Mystery / Thriller
Cathy Uwizy
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Chapter one: Life With Mum Alone

Asking where dad went was the word that irritated mum most. But this time I asked her again “but mum where did dad go?“Why should I keep suffering like this?” Though I knew that she would get irritated, I still uttered out because I was so annoyed due to the fact that some classmates kept teasing me saying I had no dad and that my mum was not rich. That evening I came home angry and crying.

Mum was in the kitchen preparing me a hot meal. I entered the house shouting loudly and at the same time crying. Mum came out of the kitchen with much anger and immediately replied in a loud and angry voice when I asked about dad. “How many times do I need to remind you that your dad died when you were born?” Mum had started crying already by the time she was done talking.

She knelt in front of the couch where I was reclining in tears and smoothly caught my hands. “My daughter, she said to me.” am sorry that you have a life like this. Please forgive mum and stop crying.” I woke up and hugged her gently. “Mum, am sorry I will never ask you about dad again.” I said to her. She asked me why I was crying but I couldn’t tell her that my classmates always teased me because she would go to complain at school and they would bully me the more.

So I lied to her that I accidentally bumped into a man who abused me that my dad doesn’t teach me good behaviors to say sorry to people. “Change clothes and come help me cook dinner." She later said to me pretending to be smiling. “Ok mum” so I went into my bedroom and changed my clothes. After dinner I went back to my bedroom to do my homework before I slept. There mum came to my bedroom to check whether I had slept already. “Harmony?” she called me gently. "I thought you had slept already." “No mum, I still have some numbers that are too difficult to answers.” "Let me see,” she moved closer and sat on my bed. She helped me answer the two queries. “Wow, mum you were so intelligent in school I see.” I said in a joking way. “Hmm, yes I was.”

She smiled as she caught on my cheeks. “You should also be like mum.” "But mum mathematics is so difficult and my teacher scolds me every day that I should be a mathematician.” I said, tying to be irritated. “But always never mind, education is not the only way just wait you will marry a rich man in future and you will enjoy your life and forget the misery you are having now.”

Mum said to me trying to comfort me. “But mum what if the man I love in future isn’t rich?” I asked jokingly “No way, my daughter will never marry a poor man.” It had turned into a happy conversation now. But mum later changed her mood and said. “Come let’s pray and you sleep, remember tomorrow there is school.” ok mum. “I moved closer and knelt beside her, so we prayed and after she kissed my forehead saying good night my beautiful daughter.

She left my bedroom and so I covered myself with the blanket trying to find sleep. The next day was a Friday and so I prepared to go to school. I used a bus as a mean of transport to school every day and this way I used to meet my friend Tonny everyday and we went to school together. We were both in the same school and he sat behind me in class.

Tonny was a good friend of mine and he was my neighbor at home as well. Tonny’s family was rich unlike me who my mum suffered all day to support my education. Although Tonny treated me like his sister we were still different because he had both parents unlike me who never had a dad. We both went to st. Johns mixed school. At school I feared a girl called Ishan because she always coerced me with her group of girls. I had to carry their bags every day we were at school and clean their shoes every after a lesson. Ishani had three friends (Mary, Tracy, and Rita). They always scolded me though I feared to report them to my class teacher Miss Ann Montoya because I knew that would do me worse if I reported them. So I kept silent and pretended to be fine.

Sometimes Ishani liked me because she liked Tonny and due to the fact that he was my friend, I had a chance and so she reduced on the way she coerced me. Tonny was a very seraphic guy with an American height and he looked nice in tight pants because he was slim.

Most girls at school admired him. Whenever I walked with Tonny, Ishani pretended to be my friend and she could come to join us. Tonny never liked Ishani and so he could give her less time. I was so glad that Tonny was my friend because of him, Ishani rarely coerced me. And so sometimes I wished him to love Ishani so that at least I could not be teased again by her. But still Ishani had bad manners that I couldn’t wish a boy like Tonny to love her. Ishani was a proud girl and she loved many boys at school. It was really so had to identify a girl that Tonny liked because he rarely talked to girls apart from me, though he always said that there was a girl he liked.

Mum loved Tonny so much that she hoped that Tonny would marry me in future. Though I never wished so because I wanted Tonny to be my friend just. Most times mum invited Tonny for dinner and so I was so open to him just like a brother and therefore I never feared to eat much especially when mum would cook instant noodles.

That evening Tonny came at my home to eat dinner because his parents had informed him that they were going to come home late. We did our homework together and he helped me because he was so intelligent and he always got an “A” in mathematics unlike me who scored a “D” as the highest.

Chapter2: Changing School

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