Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 10: My Trip To Japan

“Good morning mum,” I said as usual as I headed at the table for breakfast. “Harmony, I have booked for you a ticket to Japan. Pack your stuff and go for a vacation.” She notified me after my breakfast. I did not ask why I was being sent there because I knew that she was probably hiding me before they found out that I was her daughter. As requested I packed my stuff and had my flight at 10am. I lived in a hotel which she had booked for me and I enjoyed the snow periods in Akita Japan. I went for music classes in a neighboring school probably because I had much interest in music that I hoped one day I would become a musician.

One evening I went clubbing. Here I met this tall seraphic magnificent gentleman who was sitting on an opposite seat drinking alone. With so much ecstasy, I gently moved closer to where he was sitted and intentionally sat near him pretending not to have seen him. While raiding my eyes I caught a glimpse of him in a lazy beam and smiled warmly. He turned with his splendor eyes and gently smiled back at me with his dimpled cheeks and bright teeth that brought much attraction from him. “Hey, I said. Have we ever met before?” I recklessly asked him. I very well knew that I had never seen him but just that I wanted a jazz with him.

“Do I look familiar to you?” He asked me while smiling with his sparkling teeth. His splendor eyes made me so flirtatious that I felt like dying. “Oohh anyway am Harmony Daniels.” I tremblingly introduced myself. “Oohh Harmony, wow such a victorious name. I am Jake Anderson.” He greeted me. He poured me a glass of panda. With his long light smooth fingers, he touched my cheeks. “You are so beautiful.” He said. This bewildered me back to conscious that I immediately extended abit backwards while smiling. “So when are you leaving, cause I see it’s clocking to 10:00pm.” I curiously asked because I felt I needed more time just to look at him. “I don’t know because I have nowhere to go.” He replied. “Oohh, I thought at once and immediately uttered. “Do you mind if you sleep at my house?”

“Take me if you wish.” He was now staggering trying to stand up. He leaned on my shoulder and slowly I managed to reach my car where I drove back to the hotel. He fell on the couch while growling. I brought him a glass of water and removed his shoes. He was too drunk and all he could say was “beauty I want a bath.” I slowly took him to the bathroom and left him to shower. After a bath, he was somehow sober and he could now manage to walk straight. A few minutes later, I entered my bedroom recklessly like I had forgotten that he was inside. I found him standing near my bed taking a look at my photos in a towel without a shirt.

“Oohh sorry sir, I didn’t know you were done showering.” I said trembling. He turned to look at me saying, “Huh, no it’s ok.” My eyes immediately ran onto his muscular body. I stood still for a quite long time looking at him which made me feel flirtatious. My mind was very far that I felt like dying in his chest. I was later brought back to conscious by his deep voice when he asked if anything was wrong. “Oohh,,, nothing, let me take a shower if you are done.” I tremblingly murmured. I came out of the bathroom after a few minutes.

He was sitting on my bed reading my book. I turned and went closer to the wardrobe to pick my night dress. When I turned again, I caught his sight and noticed that he wasn’t reading, instead he was looking at my thighs despite that I was in a very short towel.

“Oh, excuse me, I need to dress up? I said. “Ok, I will wait in the living room.” He moved out. Having dressed in my short transparent silky night dress, I moved to the living room where he was sitting and asked him whether he needed anything to eat. “No, am ok, I don’t want to eat.” He replied trying to force his eyes off my body. He added. “You can go and rest. I will sleep in the couch.”

But I couldn’t allow my visitor to sleep in the couch so I decided to sleep there and him to sleep in my bed. I reclined myself in the opposite couch and left him reading before he went to bed. I was trying to get myself sleep when I heard him over my face and at once I opened my eyes, finding his pale lips almost touching mine. He turned and pretended to be covering me with the blanket when I got up.

“Why are you not yet asleep?” I asked as I got up to sit. He sat near my legs and looked at me for a while flirtatiously. “Harmony, do you have a boyfriend?” He asked. “No, why do you ask?” I replied asking him as well. He moved closer and touched my cheeks. “I don’t know but you have completely taken my attention. Am afraid that am falling in love with you.” He continued. “You are so beautiful just like the morning sunshine. “But sir,,,,,,.” He did not allow me to finish. He kissed me right away. His lips were so yummy that I did not resist. I kissed him back and he lifted me up to the bed. I could feel his hands moving down my breasts and around my waist that I was completely as helpless as a baby. I bent my head and slept on his warm muscular chest. I was in such an enigmatic state that I even somehow felt l was dreaming. I couldn’t stop kissing his sweet warm lips for a while.

I couldn’t resist his tender golden touches all over my soft warm thighs and his whooper moving down between my thighs to excitedly enter my pussy. That was my best night ever. It was so romantic that I wished everyday was the same. Very early in the morning, Jake had to leave and so I made him a delicious breakfast which we ate together before he left. “Good bye my beauty.” Jake gave me a morning kiss and he left. “See you later Mr. Jake Anderson.” I waved as he stepped out of the hotel.

I was so desperately smiling that I did not know what to do next. Before I took a shower, I stood in front of a mirror smiling. “Harmony, you are so stupid how can you allow a guy you even don’t know to touch you? Anyway he was such a prince charming that any girl couldn’t reject him." I could ask myself and at the same time answer myself. Oohh, what a romantic night I had yesterday.

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