Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 11: I Fall In Love With An American Boy

An hour later, Jake called me. “Hello dear, there will be much snow in Akita, let’s go enjoy it together in the evening. I will pick you up.” He informed me. Oh my God I was now feeling that the heavens had made me a choice. It seemed Mr. Jake had fallen for me already though I did not feel much of it. In the evening we went enjoying the cold snow in Akita. We walked through the mountains in heavy jackets and thick jeans. “Harmony, why did you come to Japan?” He started the conversation. “I came for a vacation.” I replied after making a heavy sigh. “So what’s your profession?” He continued. And where is your home town.“”Actually I manage my mum’s company in New York.” I replied him.

“I inherited my grandpa’s hotel and I own a big boutique.” He introduced his career. “I graduated last year. He continued. I am an American.” We moved until we got tired while chatting and talking more about ourselves. Though Miss Daniels had warned me against falling in love, I was now confused by what I was feeling for Jake Anderson. “What do I do now? Mum will kill me if she finds out am in love.” I said to myself. Days turned into weeks and I was completely in love with Jake. We went for several dates and enjoyed most of the days together. Two weeks later, mum called that she was coming in Japan to visit me for 3 days. I was now desperate of whether I should tell her about Jake or not. Before she arrived, I planned with Jake to tell her before she could find out.

She arrived on a Friday morning and she was to go back on Sunday. After serving her breakfast, I decided to tell her. “Mum, am sorry. I started. “Am sorry, I was trembling fearing to utter out the word love. “What is it? Speak up, stop saying sorry.” She turned to look at me. I was so much frightened to speak but later I cleared my throat and immediately murmured. “Mum I fell in love.” She was taking coffee and she spit out what she had in her mouth saying “what!!” I repeated, “Am sorry mum I fell in love.”

I knew I had nothing else to do so I looked directly in her eyes while talking to her. She immediately gave me a hot slap before I could add a word. “Harmony didn’t I warn you not to fall in love before our missions are done.” She was so pissed. I had fallen on the other couch so she moved closer. I thought she was going to give me more slaps but she didn’t. She held my neck like she was trying to strangle me and added. “Harmony why are you so stupid? Who is the guy? Right now call him and tell him you are done with him. I said break up with him now.” She shouted in an angry and disappointed voice.

I was also now upset that I confidently stood up and said to her. “No mum, I won’t break up with him. I love him so much. I can’t live without him. Please mum leave me to do this. I promise I will not allow it to affect my missions. Please,,,.” I sniffled. “Ok, so did you tell him you’re Harmony Daniels?” She asked trying to calm down. “Yes.” I answered. “You see you are ridiculous. Didn’t I warn you against using that name for now.” She was upset again. All I could say now was “mum am sorry.” "Don’t be sorry Harmony, saying you are sorry won’t change anything. Just make sure he is not among the people we want to impoverish.” She reminded me. “Ok mum, anyway am leaving, I have a date with Jake Anderson.” I moved out happily. Miss Daniels went to have a rest. Though I had caused a mess, I felt relieved because at least I had now informed mum. I had dinner with Jake and I even told him that I confirmed mum about him.

“Oohh really, so when can I meet her? He gladly asked. “Jake, I don’t think you can meet her now because she is still so pissed and disappointed in me. She had warned me against falling in love. She needs time to first calm down then you can meet her.” I replied with relief. I came back late and mum had slept already. She had slept in my bed so I got a blanket and slept in the sofa. Despite the fact that I had returned home late, I failed to wake up early.

On waking up I found mum preparing me breakfast. “Morning mum," I greeted her while making a morning yawn. Wow so many dishes this morning. I continued. “But mum am the one supposed to cook for you why did you bother yourself.” "Sit, stop your ridiculous excuses. Daughter I wanted to treat this as my apology for being harsh and cruel yesterday.” She apologized. “Mum, its ok you don’t need to apologize, it was my fault." With ecstasy, I said. Mum, let’s eat before the food gets cold.

On Sunday morning, mum was returning back to New York. So I and Jake escorted her to the airport. She beckoned me before she left and she reminded me not to return to New York now because the chaos was still on and the DIOs suspected me for their design loss. “Please Harmony, always be careful.” She reminded me again by making some gestures that reminded me that my life was at a risk. “Man, please take care of my daughter for me. She is the only one I have. Never let her go in darkness alone.” She said to Jake. Jake greatly nodded. Although Jake did not understand what mum meant when she said (never let her go in darkness alone), I knew she was reminding me of the bad world.

People were dispersing, some arriving others departing and it was almost time for the plane to depart. Mum hugged me and gently gave Jake a pat and left. For a while, I layed my head on Jake’s chest watching mum leave. Of course I couldn’t cry though I felt like I wanted to because I knew what we were on for sure. Of course she couldn’t have stayed because they could find us easily. And so I had to stay in Japan abit longer. The best thing I had Jake whom I loved much and so I wasn’t lonely.

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