Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 12: Mr. KD Bewilders Me

Weeks passed and still I had no news from mum that I should return home. I was getting nervous every day. Though Jake was always by my side, I still felt lonely. My heart was sensing something terrible. I stood in the tremendous window looking outside at the frosty world. The sky was too dark and only afew stars appeared. It was like the whole world was worried about me and so it had left a few stars for me to glance. I was whimpering alone looking up in the sky. I was so nervous that I did not sleep. Early in the morning, I got a phone call from mum. She seemed so anxious that she trembled while speaking.

“Harmony dear, please escape, go as far as you can. You are in trouble. The DIO now know that you are my daughter and that you are the one that messed up with their designs. Mr. JD has sent his son with his men to find you. Leave that hotel right now." “Ok,,, mum,” I was now feeling butterflies inside my stomach after hearing this. I was in so much panic that I did not even bother to shower. I just dressed up, carried a few things in a small bag and I prepared to escape. No sooner had I opened the door than Mr. KD pointed a gun at me. Without any word I raised my both hands and started budging backwards.

“Harmony Daniels, so it’s you. I always trusted you yet you are a devil dressed in an angel.” Mr. KD muttered. “I am sorry.” I sniffled. With so much grimace, he slapped me that I immediately tumbled on a sofa. “Did you think you could hide forever, stupid fool?" He irritatedly asked me. I could not answer neither did I look direct in his eyes. With so much anger, he madly threw away everything that was around him and broke all the glasses that were on the table. “Should I just kill her?” One of his men murmured.

Before any of them could take action, I bumped into one man, grabbed his gun, I fought with the others and I managed to badly injure some. I shot three and later I tried to run away. Mr. KD shot me my right shoulder as I was trying to get out of the door. The whole hotel was in a mess now after hearing gun sounds. People were screaming as they ran outside, alarms were sounding everywhere. I managed to escape in the crowd but Mr. KD followed me. I entered my car and immediately raced it as fast as I could. Though I was in much pain I never minded alot. Mr. KD’s car was behind mine racing as fast as its speed could go. I was not minding where I was heading to but luckily enough I managed to leave the town. Now we were driving through the shrubs where no many people usually passed. The men were busy shooting rapidly that almost all my car glasses and mirrors were down. I was also shooting as much as I could.

Unfortunately, Mr. KD burst my car tyre and it stopped moving. I knew I was now finished and so as fast as a cheetah, I got out of the car and ran quickly. The men also ran after me shooting non-stop. I was now so much tired that I couldn’t run anymore. So I got some where to hide in the nearby forest to first rest. I was bleeding severely. A few minutes later, I had somebody approaching. He stood near me but he did not see me. So I held my breath for awhile not wanting him to hear my tired snorts. I quickly noticed it Mr. KD when he made a phone call. “Dad, I lost her.” He was reporting to his dad on the phone. “Find her and kill her right away.” I had his dad speak to him on the phone. I was deeply snorting though I tried as much as I could not to produce any sound from my nose.

After a long time, the guys arrived at him. “Sir, we can’t find her.” One man reported. “Search the whole forest.” He yelled at them. For a while, KD stood there but later he budged away. Although I was in great pain and severe bleeding, I managed to crawl myself up to a nearby anthill. I could see a house not far from where I was lying but I wasn’t strong enough to crawl up to it. So I just reclined myself on the ant hill as if I had surrendered.

If Mr. KD with his men found me, they would easily kill me with no difficulty. But I never minded. I was bleeding severely that I couldn’t manage to make any more step. Due to too much exhaustion, I fainted. I was woken by a young innocent voice. “Miss, are you ok, can you wake up now and take some coffee.” It was a beautiful young girl of like 13years. I was shocked when I opened my eyes that I quickly sat snorting loudly. I found myself in a bed and my wounds were covered with bandage.

“Where am I?” I bewilderedly asked. “Miss, have some coffee.” She handed me a cup of coffee. “No I need to leave now, they will kill me.” I muttered as I tried to stand quickly. But still I was unable to walk. “First have some rest, am sure you will be ok soon.” She continuingly requested me. I lyed my head back on a pillow to rest. “My name is Bella, I live here with my mum and my dog Jojo.” She introduced herself. She continued, “Miss why were you bleeding? Did you involve yourself in a war?” She quietly asked me. I sat and gave her a friendly pat on her shoulder. “Bella, you are too young to know what happened to me.

I was shot by some bad people.” I quietly answered her. “Do you mean in this world there are also bad people like my dad?” She started sniffling. “Why do you call your dad a bad person?” I curiously asked her. “Dad is bad because he left me and mum alone.” Bella was now crying. I gave her a friendly pat once again. “Bella, do not cry because your dad left you. You should be strong and brave. I also don’t have a dad, infact I have never seen him.” I comforted her.

After some time, the door opened and a woman entered. “Oohh lady, you have woken up.” She moved closer. I had gone to the clinic to buy you some drugs. Here take some and have rest.” I took 3 tablets and rested again. “Bella, come leave her to rest.” She took Bella away and locked the door. They woke me up again for dinner. We ate dinner silently. “Bella, if you are done go to bed.” Her mum yelled at her so Bella went to her room.

I was left with her mum. “Tell me what your name is, where your family is and why you were badly injured.” She rapidly asked me. “My name is Harmony. I live in Manhattan New York. I am sorry that’s all I can tell you. She seemed to understand why I couldn’t tell her more so she changed the story. “Ok Harmony, you are welcome here.” She switched on the TV. There showed the news. “DIO Strikes Back At Blue Daniels Winners Company.” I could see mum being interviewed. I never wanted to keep watching the news, so I stood and wished mama Bella a good night and went to my room.

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