Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter thirteen: I Return Back To New York

In the morning I used Bella’s laptop to text mum and informed her where I was staying and that I was safe and okay. Bella used to go to school every morning and her mum worked in the farm every day. So in most cases I stayed home alone since I did not know any farm activity and so I couldn’t help Bella’s mum. I was more comfortable staying at Bella’s home because life here was simple and affectious, unlike at home where revenge was the order of the day and the sound of bullets was a daily song. Mum wrote back to me reminding me to stay hidden for abit longer until things went back to normal.

“Am back from school my idol.” These were the words that Bella always shouted when she was from school. I played with Bella and most times I taught her music after school. She was very courageous and ever excited to study music. She loved me so much and always called me big sis. I went forgetting the horrible life that I lived ever since I started my missions.

I wished to live with Bella for a very long time but of course I knew that sooner or later I had to go to mum. After all I had no relation with Bella. A month later I received a call from mum again. She wanted me to return back to New York and she was coming in two days ahead to pick me up. So she was reminding me to prepare to leave. “Please do not leave Miss Harmony.” Bella sniffled. I had nothing to do but of course to leave so I hugged her giving her a good bye kiss. “Be a good girl Bella. Do not disturb mum.” I gave her a pat and waved to her mum as I budged out of the house to meet mum outside who had come to pick me up at night. We slept in a hotel and caught a flight the next morning. I knew my life was at 50 50% In case I met Mr. KD. I knew I would be dead at any time. But still I knew I was under a big security in my mum’s arms.

I was even afraid to reach New York itself. I only wished the plane not to arrive. In the next few hours we arrived in New York. There we budged out towards the 3 black Benz which were already waiting for us. They drove us to Miss Daniels’ residence and they carried our stuff inside. I first got a shower before I could do anything else. Although I never wanted to come back, I still missed Annah and so I was very happy to see her again. “Welcome back dear.” Annah entered my room as I was from the bathroom.

“So tell me. She continued.” How was your trip?” "Annah I tell you what,” I sniffled as I dried myself with a towel. “At first the trip was interesting, I even got a guy. I smiled warmly.” Annah extended to my bed very curious wanting to know more. “Oohh dear tell me. Was he handsome?” She curiously asked. I sat next to her. ” Yes, he was handsome, very tall with splendor white eyes and dimpled cheeks with bright white teeth.” I described Jake to Annah while looking at the roof smiling warmly with much ecstasy while moving my hands to describe the guy’s beauty. Annah was also smiling looking very happy to see me smiling at least.

“So what is his name?” She asked me. “Oohh his called Jake Anderson and he is an American. But I lost him later.” I stood with a gloomy face trying to show Annah that I was sad. “Oh, dear what happened?” She asked nervously. “When mum came to Japan, she first disapproved our relationship and later she allowed me to be with Jake. But after Mr. KD attacked me with his men and so I ran to places I didn’t know. That’s how we stopped getting into contact with each other.” I narrated the whole story to Annah. “Oohh sorry dear, Annah extended my head onto her shoulder trying to comfort me. She pulled her arms while rubbing my shoulders softly.

“But don’t worry, the good thing is that you are still alive at least you managed to escape from Mr. KD.” Annah comforted me. Another maid entered my room. “Miss Harmony, you are needed by your mum in her room.” She informed me and went away immediately. I stood and moved closer to my wardrobe to get clothes. Annah caught a sight at the recovering scar behind one of my shoulders. “Eee,” she nervously came closer asking what had happened to me. “I was shot by Mr. KD at the hotel in Japan.” I replied her sniffling. “Oohh sorry, let me help you get your clothes.” She offered to help me. I got dressed and later budged to mum’s room.

“Oh dear, come.” She beckoned. I have something for you. She continued. “Open that box next to my wardrobe.” I opened it and found a brand new smart phone with a new laptop. “They are yours. Remember you lost your old ones at the hotel. So have those ones.” She said to me. I splendidly moved closer to her and hugged her. “Thank you mum.” I said. “It’s ok Harmony, as long as you are happy then am happy as well.” She smiled and hugged me back.

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