Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter fourteen: A Scandal At Miss Daniels’ Residence

A few days later I started working again at mum’s company. There were rumors that the DIO had ran bankrupt and that many investors had ran away from their company. The news all over the world were talking about how our company had impoverished the DIO Company and now it was the best company all over the world. I knew this had made Mr. KD more annoyed and so I kept hiding from him.

One evening as I and mum were not at home, mum received a call from one of his drivers that her house had caught fire due to 3 bombs that had exploded in some corners of the house, and that all her maids were dying in the fire. We immediately drove home to see what was happening at home. On reaching, there was a mess, people were screaming and the whole building was burning nonstop. I immediately thought of Annah and started crying. I wished I could go inside to save her and the rest but the fire was too much. Within no time, a big car arrived and men came out running with fire extinguishers and other materials to stop the fire.

I ran inside immediately the fire had stopped burning to see whether people inside were still alive. Although there was still too much smoke, I did not mind about that. Mum called me back but I gave a deaf ear. Many people entered to save the maids that were inside.

Unfortunately many of them had died. I was so worried, I couldn’t find Annah. Later on I saw someone one coughing from one corner trying to get breathe. I ran immediately to her. Lucky enough it was Annah. I cried out and some men came to get her out. A few who had survived were taken to the hospital. Annah had fainted and so she was taken to the hospital as well. I went with mum and some guardsmen to the hospital to check on her maids. Later on Annah gained consciousness. I was so happy to see her alive. “Annah, oh! thank God you are alive.” I sniffled happily and hugged her tightly. Annah was later discharged from the hospital and so we left together. All our property was burnt at mum’s house so we had to look for another house to live in. Luckily enough mum had another house in Manhattan so we moved into it that night.

“Mr. JD will never rest. He is still getting revenge on us.” Mum cried to herself. I knew that mum was so pissed so I wanted to comfort her. I moved closer to the tremendous window where she was standing. “Mum, I really do not know how to comfort you because am also pissed but let’s try to calm down and see what to do next.” I said as I held her shoulder rubbing it gently. “Mum, go have some rest.” I took her to bed and helped her ly down. Annah was in the power house very hectic with the cooking so I brought mum some water myself. “Mum, so what is your plan?” I curiously asked. “Harmony, go and rest, we shall talk tomorrow.” She said to me tiredly. She turned and covered herself trying to sleep. I had nothing to do but also go to my bedroom no matter how angry I knew mum was.

Very early in the morning, a phone rang. It was the news reporters. On looking through my bedroom window, there was a crowd of reporters. “Miss Daniels please come out and talk to us.” They were shouting. Mum got out to meet the reporters. She did mind that she was still in her night dress. “Talk to us madam, talk to us.” They shouted. They all crowded around mum when she got out. “It wasn’t fair, whoever did that to me. Mum started. Am only feeling bad for my innocent workers who died, but I won’t stand and watch the bitches ruin my wealth.” She turned and came back to the house without adding any other word.

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