Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter fifteen: Miss Daniels Is Shot Dead

I was standing in the window with Annah as we watched the crowd of reporters interview mum. After having a shower, mum called her secretary and told her to prepare a press conference at her company’s reception. All employees gathered and also a numerous number of reporters came. Mum stepped in front of everyone to take her speech. “Good morning everybody, mum started. I know everyone here is aware of what happened last night.”

I was standing with mum as she took her speech. “I might sound merciless, but I won’t stand and watch bitches impoverish me. I will strike back.” She spat her venom and left. Unfortunately as she was budging away, she was shot around her chest with a sniper that seemed to come from the crowd.

People started screaming as they dispersed quickly out of the reception. The guardsmen came running and quickly lifted mum. By that time I had got depressed. I had lost my mind already. It was really enigmatic. They rushed mum to the hospital. I entered another car with Annah and we went after the car that had taken mum. I winced to the room where mum was being treated from while sniffling. I couldn’t stop crying at a moment. The room was locked but I managed to look through the window.

I could see blood flowing from mum’s chest like running water. The doctors were very hectic with the operation. I couldn’t hold my tears with the blood I was seeing flowing from mum. Only praying to God to save my mum’s life was the only thing I could do at that time. After some time, one doctor came out and told us to go home.

I was driven home with Annah by mum’s guardsmen. I couldn’t understand the scandal that was happening to our family. First the bomb explosure at mum’s residence and now mum being shoot. Annah also looked pissed and confused. We had nothing to do but to go to bed. Although I tried as much as I could to sleep, I couldn’t sleep due to the thoughts I was having at that time. In the morning we went back to the hospital to check on mum’s condition. We waited for the doctor to tell us the news and so after some time a doctor came to us and told us that mum was awake and so we had a chance to talk to her. We immediately ran inside. She smiled tiredly at us when we entered. “Oohh thank you God that mum is awake. How are you feeling now?” I gladly asked her with a joyful smile.

“Harmony dear, she held my hand weakly. She tiredly said to me, “Please take care of my wealth when am gone. Make me proud dear. Makes sure you strike back. Go revenge on the DIOs. Annah, she turned and looked at Annah with tired weak eyes. “Please take care of my daughter for me.” She later turned head and never woke up again. I screamed calling the doctor for help. 3doctors and 2 nurses entered immediately. They checked her. “Am sorry, we lost her.” One doctor turned to us to inform us as others covered her with a white cloth. We cried as much tears as we could release at the moment. The next day was the funeral. The whole day looked dark as if the sky was also feeling sorry for me. I was filled with anger that I only wished to catch on any one from the DIO family and I strangle him to death. The whole day was a mystery that I could sometimes forget what was taking place. In a short time I got crazy, recklessly and desperately I sidled staggering up to the coffin. “What is taking place here? And where is my mum.” I nervously asked. I was feeling a little queasy so I tumbled on the ground.

I gained consciousness when the funeral was done and people were all dispersing to their homes. I was feeling alot of headache so Annah gave me a glass of water and some pain killers. “Annah, is mum gone forever.” I sniffled.

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