Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter sixteen: Ready To Take Revenge

“Harmony, there is something you need to know.” Miss Annah extended closer to my bed.” Miss Daniels was my niece. She continued.” Am sorry I didn’t tell you before but it was because she had asked me not to tell anyone. Harmony, we can’t sit down like we are not seeing what is happening. She continued. “Am ready to fight with you. We must take revenge on the DIOs." In the morning I prepared to go to the company. Since mum was no more, I knew I had to take care of her businesses myself. I was surprised to find all the workers hectic with their work. To me I had thought that maybe everyone was going to quit work due to what had happened to mum and her maids. I gathered a general meeting reminding everyone to be more serious not wanting any business to fall.

I sat down and made my plans on how I was going to attack the DIOs and so I decided to use one of my clients in US to invest in them since it was being alleged that they had ran bankrupt again. So Mr. Leon invested much in the DIO Company and managed to take a position of CEO. Mr. Leon called me to tell me the good news. At night I sat with Annah and we took a glass of panda to celebrate my first victory. “DIO don’t think am sited. I will slowly impoverish you until you get dry. “haha” I convinced myself as I sipped my wine. I knew in order to succeed, I had to move slowly with my plans not to make any mistake.

One evening as I was hectic with business documents, I received a letter. It was from Jake Anderson. I was filled with ecstasy when I received it. With full of joy and excitement, I opened the letter. There it read.

“Harmony my darling, it’s me Jake Anderson they guy who loved you with his whole heart. I have written to you informing you that I am no longer leaving in Japan. As I say now, I don’t even know where I am. Actually I think I was kidnapped because I can’t even understand where I am. But some guy left me with a business card saying if you really love me you should call him he will direct you where I was kidnapped from. Please do something to save me because I love you and please take care of yourself.”

Yours ever,

Jake Anderson

On finishing reading the letter, I caught the business card that was in the letter. On checking it, it was for Mr. KD from the DIO Company. Without wasting a second, I caught my phone and called Mr. KD. “What do you think you’re doing Mr. KD, after all you have done to me you still go on kidnap my boy friend.” I shouted to him. “Please madam calm down.“Mr. KD replied. “I am just starting, so be careful because you might also end up losing your life in my plans. But if you want your so called boy friend, meet me in my company’s basement at 9:00pm.”

He immediately hand up before I could add a word. I left the company and went home immediately. “Annah, get me my gun.” I hurriedly requested her. By 9:00pm I was at the DIO Company as we had planned with Mr. KD. On reaching in the basement, we both immediately gun pointed each other. “Let me hope you didn’t come with your guardsmen bitch.” This was his first statement. “Oohh, you expected me to come with my guards so you can think I fear you.” I reacted with a grimace. “Where is Jake?” I later asked with a tough face. “So he is the guy you replaced me with and also betrayed when I had trusted you. No wonder all girls are bitches. Anyway don’t worry alot, your boy friend is still breathing although he is remaining with a few minutes to die.” Before he could add any other word, I jumped onto him and hit him with my gun.

There we started a serious fight. I knew I had to beat up that bastard depending on whatever he had done to my people. In the end I won. Although I was full of bruises in my face, I could still stand unlike him who was weak and bleeding all over his face.

I extended to where he was laying, caught him by neck and strangled him a little. “You, I started. You thought you could win me. Beasts like you don’t deserve to live in this world. How could you be that heartless to kill all my mum’s maids. You know what, am not going to kill you now. You have to pay for whatever you did. You together with your dad. Am just starting, so be careful. I pushed his head on the flow, caught my rifle and budged away.

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