Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter seventeen: I Meet Jake Anderson Again

I left him laying down like a dead dog and went home immediately. “Are you ok dear?” Annah came running. “Do not worry ma’am, I handled Mr. KD. But the problem I can’t find Jake.” I said to Annah. “Don’t worry yourself, she washed my wounds and covered them with bandage. “Come let’s eat.”She called me after I was done showering. “Please dear, come save me.”I could hear Jake’s voice blow through my ears. “Annah am sorry I can’t eat any more. I need to go and rescue Jake. I will be back later.” I stood up, caught my pistol and left the house. “No don’t go Harmony, it’s already late. It’s dangerous outside.” Annah begged me. But by the time she was to finish her words, I had already entered my car and so I drove quickly back to the DIO Company to see whether by any chance I could get Jake.

On arriving, I saw a crowd of security guards and Mr. JD whining at them. I hid in a corner and watched them for a while. After a long period of time, I had someone bang my back with his. I turned immediately and without wasting a second, I pointed my rifle at him. When he turned, I realized it was Jake. “Oohh Jake, “I sniffled. While keeping my rifle in my waist, I immediately hugged him. “Oh Harmony, he hugged me back. “Are you ok my dear?” He nervously asked. “Jake we have no time, come with me let’s run from here before they see us.We shall talk when we reach home.” I pulled his arm and immediately whizzed off.

I heard a gun sound behind us before we could reach the car. The basement was too big that we couldn’t easily get to my car. Gun shoots continued as we whizzed towards the car. Some security guards came after us while shooting. Within a few minutes we had reached my car and so without wasting time I raced off.

“Oohh, you must be Jake,” Annah gladly welcomed us. It was now midnight so we had no time to jazz and besides we were very tired. I took Jake to the room where he would be sleeping, washed his wounds and gave him some tables so he could sleep without much pain. “Can you sleep here with me my darling?” Jake muttered. “Am sorry Jake, I can’t sleep here, check you are sick and so am I, maybe next time. Ok?” I left his room and went to mine.

“Good morning sleeping beauty?” Annah came to my room. “Are you ok my dear?” She curiously asked. “Yah, am fine. Am not dead.” I jokingly replied as I sat on the bed. “Go and check on your boy friend.” Annah requested me, so I went to Jake’s room. “Good morning my king.” I greeted as I entered his room. “Are you still sleeping dear?” I asked as I approached him and sat on his bed. “He woke up and gave me a morning kiss. “Morning beautiful? “So tell me, how do you know Mr. KD cause he kidnapped me from Japan claiming that I took you away from him” Jake asked seriously and curious to know.

“Am sorry that I did not tell you before Jake. Mr. KD was that the guy I used to get my mum’s wealth back. And also that bastard killed my mum.” I sniffled. “And above all am sorry for causing you trouble. It’s all my fault that you were wounded like this.I apologized." “It’s fine Harmony, what matters is that we are both alive and together again.”

He hugged me tightly to comfort me. “I love you Harmony.” He cried out. “Ok dear let’s go have breakfast.” I pulled him out of bed and we moved to the dining room while putting my head over his shoulder as he held my waist softly.

“Am happy that you guys are happy together.” Annah smiled. “Let’s go to the ocean after breakfast. How do you see Jake?” I asked him out. So after we went to the beach. There were many people and everyone seemed hectic in whatever they were doing. We sat on the shores, my head on his shoulder as we watched the tremendous ocean making heavy waves that sounded loud. “You know up to now am still having the grief that mum died. Sometimes I wish all this pain would just disappear and I quell whatever shit am doing in the name of revenge.” I sniffled weakly. “I know, Jake added. “But don’t worry sooner or later everything will come to normal and you will rest relieved from those stuff.

“Anyway we can’t live our lives in sorrow only. Won’t you join me in water?” I asked him smiling as I ran closer to the water. I immediately took off my dress, remained in only biking and I dived into the water. Jake also undressed and came to join me. It was a fun time. It brought me back the memories when I first met Jake. We played as we splashed water onto each other. Slowly Jake came closer, held my waist and slowly started kissing me. I could feel his tender touches with his soft hands moving around my breasts as he slowly squeezed one by one. I was so flirtatious that I even forgot whatever shit I was passing through and only wished every moment was like that. I once again enjoyed his warm lips plus his tender touches that I had missed for a long time. It was now getting dark, so we decided to spend our night at the ocean.

Jake lit up firewood and we sat near it getting warmth and enjoying our romantic night together. I sat in front of Jake just between his long legs and so we covered ourselves with one towel. He started by kissing my neck as he slowly moved down my breasts. He went on and sucked my boobs as he went kissing my whole body. Now he was down in the gold part between my thighs.

He pulled my one leg apart and slowly, he moved closer with his erected whooper that immediately pushed into my pussy. We enjoyed our sex as the fire was burning around us to give us warmth as well as light. Jake was the only man that I always felt relieved and happy whenever I was around him. My last wish was to marry Jake because I really loved him so much. It was such a romantic night that I slept all night in his warm chest.

Very early in the morning, we had to go back home because I had a very important meeting I had to attend to at the DIO Company that I couldn’t miss. I showered and dressed up ready for work as usual leaving Jake home with Annah. “Good day my love.” Jake kissed me and later I entered my car and drove off right away.

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