Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter eighteen: Taking Over The DIO Company

I first went to my company and so after a few hours, I received a call from Mr. Leon that the meeting had started. So I had to dive to DIO Company right away. “Actually am not the real person who should be having a position of CEO in this company because the money that I invested here wasn’t mine. So let’s welcome the real CEO of this company.” I heard Mr. Leon announce to the board members. For a minute everyone was quiet. I only heard a sound of wind which blew for a minute as if it was telling me something strange. In a few minutes time, the tremendous door was opened, lights sparkled dimly. I stepped inside with alot of confidence as proud as a new king.

For a meanwhile, everyone looked confused wondering who it was since the dim lights could not clearly show my face. After a minute, the lights were turned off and this time the board room was very clear. I stepped closer to the board table for everyone’s recognition. Mr. JD fainted immediately he set his eyes on me. Mr. KD opened his eyes wide gobsmoked at once. Everybody was so much bewildered by my appearance. It was a real scandal and at a moment no one seemed to mind about the president Mr. JD who had fainted apart from his secretary who tried to hold him trying to support him. Within a few minutes, the ambulance arrived and Mr. JD was taken to the hospital.

“You bitch, if anything happens to my dad, you will pay for it.” Mr. KD snarled to me as he was leaving the room. I was left standing alone. “Am just starting.” I smugly smiled at myself. I got my phone and called Annah. “Annah, am at the DIO Company.” I informed her and later moved out of the board room.

As I was approaching the reception, I met Mr. KD rushing upstairs as fast as a cheetah. He was snorting so loud and he looked worried. He stopped abit and looked at me for a moment. “Please Harmony, don’t do this.” He sniffled and continued upstairs. For a moment I felt qualm. I knew what I was doing wasn’t fair but for the sake of revenge I had to do what I was expected to do.

“No Harmony, stop being merciful to those assholes, remember they are responsible for your mum’s death.” Something reminded me inside. I was brought back to consciousness by a receptionist who asked me if everything was ok. “Oohh yah,” I muttered as I hurriedly budged outside. Due to the fact that I was really in an enigmatic situation, I decided to first walk alone along the streets trying to have enough air for my thoughts. I walked for around 20meters unknowingly due to the fact that my mind was so disorganized by the heavy thoughts that at a moment I felt headache.

I stopped at a cafe to take a cup of coffee and relax abit. In a far distance I could hear fading words behind my back. “Isn’t she same lady here?” They murmured. The other lady seemed to warn the friend to lower her voice as I might hear their conversation.

I stood and moved closer to the ladies who were talking about me. They had newspapers. When I got closer, I immediately grabbed the newspapers from one lady. On top it read (Miss Daniels Takes Revenge On The DIOs)

I first read the summary which read;

The president of Blue Daniels Winners Company miss Harmony Daniels takes over the DIO Company and the president of DIO Company Mr. JD is currently in the hospital and he is now unconscious due to the shock.

I budged out as fast as I could with the newspapers crumpled in my hand. On reaching the exit of the cafe, I immediately called Annah. “Annah, hurry send me a car.” I immediately hanged up and started running on the streets. I was driven home immediately the car arrived. “What’s the matter dear?” Annah hurried to meet me as I got out of the car. “Am fine, just I have been puzzled by this.”

I handed the newspapers to Annah and I entered the house. A moment later, Annah came to my room. “So are you going to stop because he is in the hospital?” She asked as she moved closer to my bed. “If I could I would quell everything.” I replied in a tired voice. “I understand everything dear, Annah continued. That’s why am in this with you until we accomplish everything.” She encouraged me.

The next morning, I prepared to go to the DIO because I still had to get the company handed to me in black and white. I first went to the graveyard with flowers in my hands. I knelt on mum’s grave and made a promise. “Am sorry mum for being merciful to the idiots, I promise to accomplish everything soon. I am going to be strong at this time. Rest in peace mum.” I stood and left. I could hear much air blowing behind my ears like it reminded me to be careful as I moved out of the graveyard.

I drove to the DIO Company in the afternoon. The whole company looked a mess. “Madam, you are needed in the director’s office.” The receptionist said to me immediately I had arrived. I went up to meet Mr. KD in his office. “Are you satisfied by the fact that my dad is unconscious?” These were the first words he told me as I entered his office. “No, am not. Your dad being unconscious is not enough to cover my mum’s death. Wait for more.” I said to him.

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