Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter nineteen: Justice Replaced With Injustice

The news spread all over that DIO was taken. I continued with my revenge caring less of what was to happen to them. After a month, Mr. JD was still unconscious so Mr. KD had to sign the property transformation papers. One night as I was sleeping, I had a frightening dream. A woman that I had dreamt about when I was still 15 years appeared in my dream again. She was still in the white dress covered with blood and bruises all over her body as I had seen her in my dream before. She still said to me the same words. “Daughter, find your home.” This time she added and said. “Stop what you are doing and return home.” She disappeared immediately.

This time I was now old enough to understand that there could be some hidden meaning behind this dream. I woke up in the middle of the night nervous and frightened. I wrote the dream in my diary and so I decided to find out what was really behind the dream. I kept searching for the meaning but I couldn’t figure out anything. Annah always asked me what was disturbing me but I said that I was fine, not wanting to tell her this time.

The dream made me uneasy each time I thought about it. One afternoon, I just crippled to the hospital just to check on Mr. JD. Of course I couldn’t enter. Although we were opponents, I still felt worried and also sorry for Mr. JD. So on a sultry afternoon I drove to the hospital with fruits and other staff I had bought for Mr. JD. On reaching the room where he was reclining half dead.

I was gob smoked by the words I heard that made me feel unconscious at a moment when a doctor entered and asked. “Is this the patient, Jerry Donalds?” Mr. KD replied worried. “Yes.” "And you are?” The doctor continued. “I am Kenny Donalds.” He replied.

I was so shocked hearing the name Donalds. I couldn’t imagine what was flowing through my mind. I turned and ran back with whatever I had brought. “Could I be related to Mr. KD?” I asked myself. “No, no, no, it can’t happen, never it can’t be. Harmony don’t be stupid.” I asked as I replied to myself. I walked on the streets, my mind far away staggering without energy that I fell. I couldn’t help myself up so I kept lying down.

In the morning I found myself somewhere I couldn’t understand. I was surprised seeing Mr. KD entering where I was sleeping with breakfast. “Don’t speak yet. First have breakfast.” Mr. KD requested me in a caring and sorry voice. I sat on the bed and took breakfast. “Ok, how did I come here?” I nervously asked. “I found you on the streets lying down.” He replied. He continued. “Why are you stressed yet you already have what you always wanted.” He asked.

I was filled with guilt that I only cried out “why didn’t you just kill me instead of saving me?” He replied. “I would have killed you if I wanted to but I couldn’t. I don’t see any reason as to why I should keep on fighting when my dad is already on his dying bed.” I could no longer add on anything due to the fact that I was feeling qualm and guilty. I wished I could say sorry but it couldn’t get out of lips at a moment. So I just requested Mr. KD to leave me to shower.

After showering I prepared to go home. Something flew in my mind that I thought of doing a DNA test to confirm if I was related to the Donalds in any way. So I stole Mr. KD’s tooth brush and went home with it. He offered to drive me home since I wasn’t with my car.

On arrival, Annah came running. “Oohh dear where have you been. Your phone was off. Is everything ok?” She rapidly asked me questions. “Am ok.” That’s all I could say for a moment. She grabbed me from KD’s hands and took me to the house. “Thank you sir, you can now leave.” She yelled at Mr. KD. “No Annah, leave him to come to the house. He actually saved my life.” I tiredly said to Annah. So KD entered the house as well. I immediately fell on the couch as weak as a palsy. Annah brought me a glass of water and painkillers to calm down my headache. A few minutes later Mr. KD left since he had to go to the hospital to check on his father.

The next day I was feeling better, so I called Annah and told her everything. We then prepared to go to the hospital together to carry out the DNA test. We were told to come back in 3days time to pick the results, so we went back home. I only prayed not to find any relationship between me and him cause I really did not know what I could do if I found out any relationship between us.

I did not know how I could start apologizing to him. “Oh God, please let me not find any relationship between me and the Donalds” I prayed. After 3 days, we went back to pick the results. I told Annah to check the results before me because I was so nervous and frightened. Inside I felt something strange.

“Oh my God, no, no, no,” Annah shouted after looking at the results. This made me so frightened that at once my heart missed a step. I hurried and grabbed the papers from her hands. I almost collapsed seeing the results that showed that I matched 99.9% with Mr. KD. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt like I could change the results. My mind got filled with thoughts that I felt a little queasy.

Annah helped me get inside the car and she drove me back home. I rested for the whole afternoon and I was woken up by a phone call from the manager of the DIO Company informing me that there were some contract papers I had to sign. I went to the company immediately. On reaching the reception, I had people talking about Mr. JD. This made me curious that I immediately moved closer to the receptionist to inquire what was real. “What is going on here?” I curiously asked. “Madam, we are sorry. They say Mr. JD has passed away.” She replied. I didn’t wait any longer after hearing this. I immediately ran to the hospital.

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