Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter two: Changing School

When term three ended, it was time for Tonny to resume his studies from the United States because his parents had to do their business from there. I never wanted Tonny to leave because he was the only friend I had at school and because of him, many girls at school feared me. Now that he was leaving, the only thing I could think of was the coercing that Ishani was going to offer me at school.

Tonny never wanted to leave as well but just that he couldn’t stay alone, he had to leave with his parents. A week before he left, that was the time I spent much with him. I could not imagine that he was leaving. One evening, we went shopping together and he bought me a nice pink teddy bear. “Harmony, I want to leave you with this teddy bear, always remember our friendship. Please don’t forget that,,,,." He didn’t finish because his phone rang. It was his mum that was calling. She wanted to know where he was and so he informed her that we together shopping. “Your mum must be worried let’s go home.” I told him. Ok, he caught my hand and we walked together. I really wanted to ask him to finish what he was telling me before his mum called but I feared that would think other stuff so I ignored it and we kept moving.

That night was bright with beautiful stars that shone brightly in the sky. We walked as I looked up in the sky looking at the beautiful stars shinning. Tonny asked me, “don’t you have anything to say to me before I leave?” "Oh, of course I want to say that don’t want you to leave.” I replied trembling.

We stood on a bridge and first had a good bye conversation. “People say that if you have something on your heart and you don’t want to share it with anyone, you can shout it to the skies. So talk to the sky what you want Harmony.” He said to me.

I stood and looked up as I shouted loudly. “Why are you unfair dear sky, why don’t you stop Tonny from traveling to America because I will feel lonely?”I will miss you Tonny.”I shouted loudly. Tonny was looking at me smiling warmly and when I turned to look at him, he pretended to have been looking aside. It was his turn to speak to the sky also. He said loudly as well. "I will miss you Harmony.” We both smiled and walked again.

He caught me by my shoulder and pulled me into his chest. So we walked happily. I accidentally uttered out. “Tonny which girl do you like?” He stopped and stood in front of me giving me a pat. He extended closer like as if he wanted to kiss me and whispered into my ear. “I will tell you when I return back from America.” He smiled and held my hand again.

This made me feel unconscious that at once I felt like I wanted to kiss him and tell him that I loved him. Because inside I felt like I was the girl he loved. But still I had a doubt that what if it was some girl from his former school. So I did not hope much. We walked till home and that night I had dinner at his home together with his family.

On reaching home, I decided to have a talk with mum. I started by asking. “Mum, Tonny told me that there is a girl he likes. Do you think it’s me?” Mum replied. “It’s automatic that it is you of course. Can’t you see the way he treats you. Exactly like his girlfriend.” I had started smiling but still I asked mum. “What if it’s a girl from his former school?” Mum replied confused a little. “Ah, now it’s hard to identify, but still think he likes you and if he hasn’t yet, he will still like you with time.”

Now I felt like my heart was filled with hope that I missed him the more. We kept chatting till late and he told me interesting stories through social media. Days passed and time elapsed. Now it was time for him to travel. I escorted him to the airport together with mum. We had a farewell conversation before the plane could depart. Tonny hugged me and said.“Good bye baby girl.” "Good bye Tonny.” I replied sniffling. Tears were already flowing down my cheeks because I still needed time to be with him and inside my heart was already weeping because I felt I loved him so much, though I did not know whether he loved me too. I lifted my arm to wave to him and later turned to go back home with mum.

I felt like crying but I never wanted mum to realize that I was crying so I smiled coldly as I walked back home with mum. At once mum recognized that I was crying and said. “My little princess has fallen in love. I can see Juliet crying for Romeo." She smiled but I didn’t smile back. So she knew that I was seriously crying. She caught on my cheeks trying to clean my tears as she said. “Don’t cry dear, Tonny will come back.”

This even made me to cry the more as I said. “I am already missing him mum.” But still I knew that however much I could cry, he wasn’t going to come back soon. So I snorted and held my mum’s arm. “Mum, I want to go shopping.” I requested. Mum did not ask much, she took me to a nearby Shoprite and bought some stuff for me. I thought this could at least make me fine since shopping was the last thing we did before Tonny left. I keep looking at the teddy bear that Tonny had bought me and most times I talked to it as Tonny. That summer holiday I kept at home and sometimes I went to mum’s shop to help her in trading. When it reached time for school again, the thought of bullying me came back so I always thought and dreamt of Ishani bullying me again.

So when term one of the next year began, I went to school as usual and prepared for my coercing as usual. The thing that Tonny didn’t come back to school made Ishani more pissed and so she doubled my teasing. This time it was tougher than before. Now that I had no other friend, I went home alone and school as well. A girl called Ronnie became my friend and we always walked back home together. Though Ronnie tried to protect me from being billed, she wasn’t that strong so she couldn’t manage to defend me from Ishani and her group. I always thought that Ishani was strong until one day she slapped me and scolded me by talking ill about my dad. This time I was so pissed that I suddenly caught her by neck and pushed her against the wall. “Never tease or coerce me again or else I will beat you up.“I said to her with a lot of vigor and anger. For once I saw fear in lshani’s eyes and I got to know I was stronger than her. Later after some time Ishani’s friends pulled me from her and caught me tight.

Ishani got a chance and she beat me up until my face was filled with bruises and I was nose bleeding. They left me lying down and they ran away. Ronnie came and lifted me up. She took me home. Although Ronnie’s home was a far distance from mine, she first took me home. Mum was so pissed when Ronnie told her about me being teased and coerced at school every day that she immediately called the principal director and complained before she could take me to the hospital.

The next day, Ishani’s mum was called at school in the meeting with my mum. I spent the whole day in the hospital and in the evening I was somehow fine by the time Ronnie came to check on me. She told me that Ishani was suspended for two weeks. After my treatment I spent a week at home before I went back to school. I convinced my mum that I never wanted to study from st. Johns anymore because I knew what was to happen to me in case I appeared in Ishani’s eyes the next time. Mum spent two days trying to find me a new school and therefore I was admitted to St Thomas galaxy international school. I was glad to leave St. Johns at last. Though I felt like it would be unfair to my new friend Ronnie but still I decided to change the school. After all Tonny had also left so I had no regret in leaving st. Johns.

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