Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter twenty: The Hypercritical Secret Now Out

(The real me)

I immediately ran directly to Mr. JD’s room while snorting heavily. I found Mr. KD inside sitting on the bed with his both hands together like as if he was praying. I immediately caught his sight when he raised his head to see who had entered. His eyes were as red as blood and he looked much worried. He did not speak. After looking at me, he lowered his head and again placed it between his hands. “What’s wrong, where is Mr. JD?” I asked trembling. He did not reply. After a short time, the doctor entered the room. “We need a family member to donate blood.” He said. Mr. KD immediately stood up and went out with the doctor. I felt I wanted to follow them but still something pulled me that I remained stack.

After a very long time, I moved out to go and check on how the operation was going. On reaching the blood donation room, I heard doctors say that Mr. KD’s blood type wasn’t similar to that of his dad so they needed another family member with blood type O to donate. Everybody was puzzled when Mr. KD had told them that he was the only family left for Mr. JD. “Let me donate mine.” I said as I entered the room. Everybody turned to look at me.

The doctor asked.” Are you part of their family?” "Yes, he is my dad.” I replied trembling. Mr. KD got bewildered that he opened his eyes as confused as a girl with two men. He wanted to talk but the doctor cut him off since they needed the blood quickly. My blood was tested and it was found a good match for Mr. JD’s operation so I had to donate. After all this we were sent out and the doctors went back to the operation room. Now I knew it time for me to explain to KD what I knew. KD looked happy and at the same time irritated. I sat near him and we all kept silent for a long time.

He later broke the silence with a heavy sigh. “So should I call you sis, should I call you a devil, a traitor, or,,” Mr. KD suddenly started. “Am sorry,” that’s all I said and went back in a silent grave. He did not add anything else. We all sat as silent as a grave. After like 3hours, a doctor came out. We all smiled when he told us that the operation was successful and so we just needed to wait for dad to rest for at least 2 more hours. Out of blue, I and KD had now connected. He asked me what my real name was. “I am Harmony Donald’s.” I replied. He looked frightened after me saying the name.

After a short time, he smiled and moved closer to hug me. “I thought you had died with mum.” He sniffled. I hugged him back and I also started crying. “How did I live all this time not knowing my family?” We hugged each other for like 30minutes and cried jolly. We were woken up by a nurse who alerted us to go and see dad that he had gained consciousness and so he was now able to talk though he couldn’t stand up due to being so weak. We hurried inside and found Mr. JD reclining on the bed with his eyes wide open. He looked strong.

I was surprised when he called me daughter. “Come on daughter, thank you for saving my life.” He lifted my left arm and checked under. He smiled after seeing a black big spot that I had under my arm. “Indeed you are my blood.” He smiled. I also got surprised seeing that he and KD had the same spots. Mr. JD explained that it was our mum’s suggestion that all their children had to be marked with those black spots.

I knelt in front of the bed and bent my head as I said “am sorry dad, for everything I have done." I cried. With his weak hands, he lifted me up. “Don’t be sorry daughter, he cried.”Actually my children, he pulled us close and held our hands together. “Am sorry for not being a good dad, especially to you Harmony.” We all cried. He continued. “Am sure wherever your mum is, she is so happy that we have come together as a family. Thank you Lord.” He looked up and lifted our hands and said. “Once again, thank you Lord for my children. Please God protect them even when am not around.”

He later requested Mr. KD to take me home. Therefore he drove me to my real home. “Have I ever been here before?” This was the first question I asked KD immediately we entered the house. “Yah, but you were still a baby of probably one year old.” He replied. We moved around the house looking at the pictures that were hanged on the wall. As I was raiding my eyes around, I suddenly caught my sight on a picture of a woman that looked familiar to me. KD saw my eyes stack at this photo and said. “That was mum she died many years ago in an accident when she was from church with you in the car.” Now I knew why this lady used to come in my nightmares. Probably she was mum telling me to find my family.

The next day they delivered me some box. Inside there was a diary and a necklace. “That’s mum’s necklace.” KD shouted as he grabbed the necklace out of my hand. I decided to open the diary to read what was inside. On the first page there was Miss Terry’s name, the woman that I thought was my mum because she was the one I grew up with. It read;

“Dear Harmony my lovely daughter am sorry that I hid all this from you. Actually I wasn’t your real mum as you thought. Long ago as I was driving one day, I accidentally knocked your mum’s car and it rolled from a highland up to the valley. I was so scared when I went to check and found your mum dead. As I was planning to just run away, not wanting to be caught, I heard a baby crying. I moved back and got you out of the car since you were still alive. I decided to take care of you as my daughter due to the guilt I had over your mum. I am sorry for whatever I did to your family. Please find your real family in case I am out of this world and I will always love you my dear.”

Those were the words that miss Terry had written before she died. I did not feel bad neither did I feel hatred over Miss Terry for killing my mum. After all I did not know my mum so it would be of no use to hate Miss Terry for this. I spent the rest of my life with my real family happy and joyfully. Years later I married Jake Anderson and so soon we were to have our first child.

The only question I kept asking myself was “who should I accuse for all my missteps.”


About the book

Everybody makes mistakes. Harmony is a young girl who lives her life in a Hypercritical secret. She is brought up by a lady who she thinks is her mum yet in reality she was the one that killed her real mum in a car wreck smash-up. She is later brought up by another rich woman after the death of the first woman. Here she learns much about business where she even finds herself involved in life to life business (murdering someone just for business). Her greatest business opponents are her biological family but she doesn’t know. She finds herself dating her brother and using him to return back her foster mum’s wealth. The only thing she regrets most in her life is hurting her biological family. She always asks herself, “who should I accuse for all my missteps.”

About the author

Cathy Uwizy is a young talented African writer, born in 2004 and currently lives in Kampala Uganda. She started writing when she joined senior one in St Joseph of Nazareth high school in Mpigi Uganda. Hypercritical secret is her second novel. Her dream is to become a great rich and popular novelist. She says she writes because she finds it interesting and mind refreshing. She says “those who can read or write novels can live their whole life in their minds.” She loves writing and reciting poems and she finds this as her greatest hobby.

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