Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 3: Mum’s Death

I kept in touch with Tonny through Skype and so I made sure that at least we video chatted almost every day. Now that Tonny wasn’t around anymore, this time after school I kept home alone by the time mum would be not yet back from the shop. One night as I was sleeping, I had a terrifying dream. In my dream, some woman appeared to me. She was in a white dress but the dress was full of blood and her face was full of bruises and wounds bleeding severely like as if she had got involved into a terrible accident.

I was so frightened when she came closer. She caught on my shoulder and told me, “daughter, find your home.” She turned and disappeared within a second. I suddenly woke up making a loud noise that even mum heard me from her room. She came quickly to check whether I was ok. When she opened my room door, I again screamed because I thought it was the woman in my dream coming to me in reality. I was snorting loudly by the time mum switched on the lights. Mum came closer immediately asking whether everything was ok.“Mum, it’s a dream.” I said in a frightened voice. Mum sat on my bed and hugged me trying to calm me as l told her about my dream. She was looking afraid by the time I had finished narrating to her what I had dreamt. “Harmony don't be frightened. It’s just a dream. It means nothing in reality. This is your real home and so am I your real mother." She was talking in a cracked voice and she looked more scared than I like as if she knew something behind my dream.

She later told me to sleep and she left my room. I couldn’t sleep due to the fact that I was thinking that might have a nightmare again. The next day in the evening I went to mum’s room because I wanted to use her charger since I had left mine with a friend at school. As I was searching for the charger, I accidentally bamped into mum’s medical file. When I checked it, I was surprised to find that she was blood type AB and yet I was blood type O. I also noticed that her surname was rubbed with a black ink. I wondered why, but still I did not mind alot. I left her room immediately I had got the charger. I did not bother asking her when she returned from the shop at night because I never wanted her to know that I had entered her room without her concern. When I went to school the next day, I asked my teacher whether it is possible that family members can have different blood types. She answered. “It isn’t common. In most cases if a daughter has a different blood type from her mum, then it means that she is not her mum’s real daughter.” I was so shocked to hear this though I never wanted to show my teacher because I never wanted her to ask me much.

I left her office immediately even before she could ask me why I had suddenly asked her that question. In my mind, I was asking myself. “Can it be true that I live with a foster mum? But if she isn’t my real mum, then who is my mum? Then where did my real mum go?" I was now so confused. My head was now aching. But later I said to myself. “No it can’t be. I must be mistaken. Miss Terry is my real mum. She treats me like her daughter.”

I went home that evening looking tired. I drank 2 full glasses of water within a minute trying to calm my mind down. I decided to ignore the family issues due to the fact that I never wanted my mum to notice my strange feelings. A week later, mum’s sickness was now increasing. She had been with asthma for a year now. Very late in the evening she reclined on her bed tired. She was breathing so fast. She sent me for a glass of water and she drank it within a minute. I wasn’t so much worried because I was used to her sickness.

She always had a problem witn breathing whenever she did a tiring job and we could solve this by her taking enough water. So in most cases I made sure she kept calm in order to prevent her disease every time. She spent a week at home without going for work so as to first make sure she was completely fine. I made sure she took her medicine on time and so rested enough.

Most times I went to the shop to do the selling myself after school. Now that mum was sick, I had to do everything myself e.g. Cooking, selling at the shop and all the house chores. And so those days I went to school late. Mum’s illness worsened and so a year later, she died. This was the most thing I couldn’t handle. As much tears I cried I couldn’t imagine that I was now an orphan without any parents. Neither did I know any of my relatives. “Where am I supposed to go?” I asked myself. I couldn’t imagine that the most beloved person I had, had left me. How I wished it was just a night mare and so I could wake up from the dream and see my mum bring me breakfast before I went to school. But hurtingly it was real, mum had died.

Very late in the evening, a Benz approached my home. A lady came out. She was dressed in a blue suit with high heels and sun glasses. I got afraid when she came closer to me. “Hello young girl, are you Harmony Donalds?” She asked. “Oohh, ye... yes, I am Harmony Donalds.” I replied quickly while trembling. “So how are you? I came to pick you up. Please come with me.” She added. “Oohh madam, why should I come with you? And where are we going?” I asked very afraid. “Aren’t you a daughter to late miss Terry? She added. Now come with me.” "But madam,,,," I wanted to still ask her why she came for me but she interrupted by calling the two men who had come with her to put me in the car. “Don’t worry girl, I won’t hurt you. So enter the car and we go.” She said to me as she opened the car door letting the men to push me inside. I did not scream but I was very afraid that I kept silent.

I didn’t ask any other questions. Neither did this lady talk to me. She looked so serious and so I was afraid of her. I was only thinking that am being kidnapped and this would be the end of my life. We moved a long journey of about 100km. When the car stopped I was directed to a big home and so I went following the lady quietly. On the door way, her servants bowed down for her as we entered. “This lady must be rich.” I said to myself inside. We moved as her two body guardsmen followed us behind.

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