Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 4: Life At Miss Daniel’s Home.

I was taken into an empty room that only had two chairs and a table in between. It looked like criminals interrogation room. It had cameras in every corner. I was told to sit. This rich madam asked one lady, “please interrogate her and give me the feedback.” She left immediately and I remained with this lady. I was beginning to think that I was a criminal. “Maybe they think I killed my mum.” I began to think so terribly. This lady sat opposite me and first kept silent looking directly into my eyes. I was so frightened that I didn’t look at her even. Instead I looked down waiting for her to ask me.

After like 5 minutes, she began, “it’s going to be practical, young girl, I will ask and you will answer immediately.” She said to me. First question, “what’s your name?” “Aaaah am Harmony Donalds.” I answered. Second how old? “I am 15 years.” Your background? “I lived with my mum. She was called Miss Terry.” I replied. “More details about your background?” She asked me. “Oohh mum told me that my dad died when I was born. She had never told me any of my relatives.” I added. She stopped and stood up. “Is that all?” She asked very cruelly. “Hmm yes,, I replied. “That’s all I know about myself.” Later she received a call and immediately left the room with a file where she had written all I had said.

I was left sited alone. My heart was pumping rapidly. “It seems everyone in this home is a savage.” I said to myself. Nobody here is calm. I was now afraid of what was the next. I sat for the next 30minutes alone. Later on another lady entered and told me that I was needed by Miss Daniels. I stood up and followed her to Miss Daniels’ office. Miss Daniels was looking into my interrogation file. “First take her for a fresh up and show her where she will sleep.” Miss Daniels asked the lady who was with me. I was taken to a certain room on the same floor where Miss Daniels room was located.

Afterwards I was served dinner in my room and later after dinner I was invited in Miss Daniels office again. “Please take a seat beautiful girl.” She said to me. “Well do you know me?” She asked. “Not really, I answered while looking down. But I have heard your maids say that you’re Miss Daniels.” "Ok, she added. Yes am Miss Tasha Daniels, but you are not allowed to call me that. Just call me blue lady just like other people do call me. She warned me. “Ok girl, what do you want to be in future?” She asked me again. “Actually as per now I don’t know. I always wished I could become a doctor so that I could treat my mum’s asthma but now since she is no more, l am no longer sure about my career.” I sniffled.

“Ok enough baby girl, stop crying because I don’t tolerate people who cry in my home.” She had turned serious again. And so I stopped crying. I was waiting for what she was to say to me next but she did not add anything. She told me to go and sleep. “Goodnight madam.” I said to her. She did not reply, so I left and went to my bedroom. I wondered whether Miss Daniels did not have any family. I had not seen her husband neither did I see any of her children. I was not yet used to any of her maids because none of them spoke to me humbly. And so I seemed to be alone in the world.

In the morning, one of the maids brought me breakfast in my room. She did not look so cruel and so I dared myself to speak to her. “Good morning aunt.” I greeted her as she entered my room. “Good morning young angel.” She replied in a friendly way. “But I was the one supposed to greet you first, because am the one who came to you.” She corrected me. I knew that very well but it’s just that I wanted her to be my friend. I thought. She added. "Girl, what’s your name? You seem to be a good girl and friendly.” I started smiling and she smiled too. I requested her to sit on my bed so as to have a friendly chat with her.

Who is really Miss Daniels, was my first question. She seemed so excited to tell me when I talked about Miss Daniels. “Actually, she started. My name is Anna. I have been working here for more than 10years." “Ok, I interrupted, Miss Anna can you please tell me why Miss Daniels isn’t social and why she is called blue lady?” "Oohh! She continued. She likes wearing blue that’s why many people call her blue lady. I might not probably know why she isn’t social, but maybe it’s because she is a serious woman and so she takes her wealth so serious. “Does Miss Daniels have a family?” I asked Anna again.

That’s a secret to her so let’s not talk about her family matters but she lost her,,,,." She was interrupted when Miss Daniels entered my room and so she did not continue. She stood up and left immediately the blue lady had entered my room. “Girl, good morning,” she greeted me. I stood up to show respect and so I bowed as I answered, “good morning blue lady.” "Have you had breakfast yet?” She asked. “As you can see madam, Anna had brought me breakfast and so am done now.” I gladly replied with a morning smile. “Ok, get dressed I want to take you somewhere. She requested. And so I dressed up in a blue dress and she wore a blue suit as usual. We moved out as the guardsmen prepared the car. I got surprised when Miss Daniels herself opened the car door for me to enter. And this time she at least smiled at me for once ever since I came to her home. “Harmony my girl, please enter the car.” She humbly requested me.

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