Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 5: Miss Daniels Asks Me To Be Her Daughter

We arrived at the COJ (Court Of Justice) in 30 minutes time. And so I was requested to head to the court. I went following Miss Daniels and we entered into one of the offices. We were welcomed by a lady who led us to Mr. Peter’s office. Mr. Peter was a lawyer who Miss Daniels had probably talked to about my issue. “Please sit miss blue lady.” The lawyer requested us. “Ok let’s begin.” Mr. Peter this is the young girl I told you about yesterday.” Miss Daniels began the conversation. “I see, answered lawyer Peter.”So miss blue lady, do you legally accept to adopt Harmony as your daughter.” He asked. “I officially and gladly request Harmony to be my daughter.” Miss Daniels requested me. I was gobsmoked that at first I did not speak. But I had to pretend like I was aware of this not wanting the lawyer to be suspicious.

After all I had no any other family and being Miss Daniels’ daughter would be luck and a blessing to me. And so I gladly answered. “Yes. Mr. Peter, I want to be her daughter.” Miss Daniels smiled warmly at me again. I liked her smiling. She was a very kind woman though she seemed rude.

Mr. Peter had already prepared the files where we only had to sign that Miss Daniels legally adopts me as her daughter. And so after that, we went back home. For the first time I sat with blue lady at the table and we had dinner together. “Daughter, you are free to ask me anything. From now onwards, you are my daughter. And I will love it if I hear call me mum. And your name is changing from Donalds to Daniels.” She smiled. It was true. The family documents showed that I was now Harmony Daniels.

The next day mum (Daniels) took me with her to the Blue Daniels Winners Company. She introduced me to her workers. “Good morning everyone, meet my daughter Harmony Daniels. Everybody, you must respect her whenever she comes here.” She informed her workers. And so everyone bowed to greet me. Miss Daniels showed me all her property. I attended several company meetings and I got to know most of the board members.

After a month, Miss Daniels took me to the US for more studies. She showed me another company and her departmental stores she had in US. This time I went to work at her company every day after school. I went on forgetting my past and I continued with my new luxury life with mum Daniels.

Miss Daniels was a business woman who never joked in whatever she did. All her workers were serious with their work. She was always cruel to me whenever I did a mistake and she hated anybody who apologized to her saying “sorry.” The only apology she approved was if you never repeated the same mistake and you worked harder to show her you’re potential. Most times I hated her whenever she quarreled at me and I missed mum Terry because she used to treat me like a princess. She never yelled at me like Miss Daniels. One day I messed with her documents and she slapped me hardly. “I don’t want you to become stupid. A girl of 17, you must very well know how to handle documents.” She yelled at me.

I got pissed and accidentally I uttered out some bad words. “You can treat me like trash or any other thing. After all you are not my mother.” She stood up very irritated and she pulled me taking me outside in the courtyard. She showed me a certain grave. “See, this is my son. He died in a plane crush as he was from Australia. He was the only child I had. And for 5 years now, I have been alone.” She explained that me. I asked her. “Mum how old was your son?” "He was 16 by then. He was supposed to inherit all my property but he is no more. Neither does his dad exist too. This foolish man left me after he knew I was pregnant and all along I worked so hard for all the wealth I have now.” She explained more.

I was expecting her to cry after telling me all this, but surprisingly she did not look depressed or angry. “So now Harmony my dear, she added.”Don’t think I have never been a parent. I know how it’s painful to raise a child. And due to the fact that you are the only one I have now, I will write all my property under your name. That’s why I never want you to joke with business. You should know that life isn’t a joking game. Please you have grown, take everything serious. Do not disappoint me. Make me proud even when am gone.” I gave a heed attention to whatever she said to me.

“Am sorry mum, I will never do the same mistake again.” I humbly apologized to her. “Fine,” She continued, work hard and prove to me that you are really sorry.” I learnt much from mum Daniels and by this I was becoming brave. She taught me how to bring enemies closer and how to aim higher. My life changed day by day and I was growing into a serious intelligent woman. She signed all her property under my name and most of her companies were put under my control.

I always jogged with Miss Daniels every morning and in the evening I had someone who trained me fighting. At night I played video games with Anna who was abit closer to me than other maids. She told me many stories about Miss Daniels and her family. Anna was the most trusted maid by Miss Daniels and that’s why she was chosen to take care of me. She was almost 10years older than Miss Daniels in that she looked to be 40 and above. Miss Daniels raised me from the age of 15. I grew up into a fine beautiful lady due to the fact that I lacked nothing. With this I thought I had got everything in my life.

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