Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 6: Learning Miss Daniels' Opponents

One evening I got time to play indoor games with Miss Daniels. She kept teaching how to overcome challenges in life even when am stuck. One maid entered after some hours. “Excuse me ma’am, you have a visitor.” She murmured. “Direct him inside.” Miss Daniels requested. Within a few seconds, a tall man with big beards entered. “Please make yourself comfortable.” Miss Daniels requested him to sit as she stood up to greet him. I was sent out to find Anna, and so I left them inside. I went to find Anna in the power house. “Anna, some man visited mum. Do you know him?” I gossiped. “Yes, she answered. I saw him coming and I know him very well. He always comes here. He is one of the business obstacles of Miss Daniels.” She whispered to me. As we were still gossiping, one maid entered the kitchen. “Miss Harmony, you are needed by ma’am.” She said to me. I left Anna and went back to mum’s office.

She looked depressed by the time I entered. “Sit down Harmony. I need to let you know something.” She requested me. “Harmony my dear, she started, it’s high time I tell you what am supposed to tell you.

You saw this man who has been here right? You have to know his my business obstacle. He is one of the idiots who want to bring me down. Of course he can’t manage me but of course at some point, I have to be careful and you too as well. He is known as JD. And this is the time I let you know all my business enemies.” She pulled out a box from her dower and inside she got a flash disk. “Extend closer my dear,” she requested me. She placed the flask disk inside her laptop and showed me a list of her enemies, their pictures and names. This is Mr.JD the one I was talking about. He owns DIO Company which competes with my Blue Daniels Winners Company. 2, this is Mr. Jerry, he is the fool that got me imprisoned two years ago after reporting me to the police claiming that I was a pusher. 3, this is Miss Jinnah, a wife to Mr. Jerry. She also cooperates with her husband.

The list had over ten people and it was hard for Miss Daniels to explain to me every body. She gave me the flash disk for me to learn about her enemies myself during my free time. “Please Harmony, I want you to work hard to take over DIO Company’s position. And with time I will have you help me revenge on Mr. Jerry and others. Please be brave.” She reminded me once again. “You can leave now. Go with the flash disk and tonight I want you to spend your time learning one by one because I have a mission for you tomorrow morning.” She said to me.

I left her office afraid though I did not want to show her. I was only now thinking of the mission she was going to send me to. That night I slept late learning the flash disk mum had given me.

Very early in the morning, I was woken up by Anna. I wondered why mum wanted me awake by 3:00am. Anna gave me a black tracksuit. I wanted to ask her why I had to dress in black only like a devil but before I said any word, Miss Daniels entered my room. “Get dressed my dear Harmony, make sure you don’t forget the flash disk.” She said to me seriously. On getting out, the 5 cars were already set with men in black suits. “Get in Harmony, as I told you yesterday, this is your first mission.” Miss Daniels confidently said to me as we entered the car.

I was wondering which type of mission it was and why we had to go in the dark. Within no time, the cars stopped in dark shrubs. Men got out with guns and heavy bags. They spent over 45 minutes preparing everything and setting the bombs around the place. Miss Daniels turned and looked at me. “Am sorry my baby Harmony for putting you into this which involves losing lives but this is the only way we can protect our wealth and our lives as well, by bringing all the enemies down. Please don’t disappoint me.” She whispered to me.

After a short time, the men drove and we left the place. Before we drove miles away, the bombs exploded. This reminded me that Miss Daniels was serious with whatever she was doing. Later on Miss Daniels told one of his men. “Please drive Harmony back home and let her have rest. I will do the rest myself.” “As you wish miss blue lady.” He replied. I was told to move to the next car.

I saw one of the men hand over a gun to Miss Daniels and in her blue suits, she moved closer to the last car where all the equipment were kept. She suddenly caught my sight when she turned to look at me. I was eagerly curious of what she wanted to do but still also afraid. She looked at me and nodded north to South twice trying to tell me to be strong. I was taken back home by the two men who miss Daniels trusted most.

“Come, my dear.” Anna welcomed me as I got out of the car. “What happened, you look scared.” She asked. “Anna, does mum kill people?” I curiously asked her. I got shocked seeing Anna looking normal after asking her this. She neither looked surprised nor annoyed. She never answered me, she just looked at me and left.

I was so desperate that I went to my room and lied down snorting loudly. Mum came back later that day. I did not want her to see me so I just hid in the corner and watched her in the corridor entering her room. She looked so irritated. “Maybe her mission did not go well this time.” I said to myself.

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