Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 7: My First Mission

I was very curious of what mum was going to tell me in the morning. She did not tell me anything instead she left every early in the morning for work as usual and so I went to the company after I had my breakfast. My day seemed normal but later in the evening everything changed. The sky looked angry and the clouds looked dark. It seemed like the heavens were informing me of some danger. I was invited by mum later at night after dinner in her room. “Harmony, I have a mission for you tomorrow.” She said to me. “No, mum am really afraid I might not do it.” I immediately uttered out.

“Stop being ridiculous Harmony, she added. This is going to be simple and don’t show me that you are a coward. Am getting disappointed already. So what will you do when am no more. Please be serious. Show me that you can do it.” She convinced me. “Ok mum.” I just accepted. “Good, she added. I want you to go and invest in Mr. JD’s company (DIO) and please make sure you bring them down. Remember in missions you are not my daughter. Please be smart minded. You can go have some rest now.” I left her room and went to mine. Before I slept, I stood still and looked at myself in the mirror. “Harmony, I said to myself. You are not weak. You need to be smart. Pretending isn’t hard for you. You can do it and show Miss Daniels that you are strong. Please fight hard.”

I later went into my bed and slept so tiredly. In the morning I contacted the DIO’s requesting them to allow my investment in their company. Within no time, they approved my request and so I was invited in their board meeting in the afternoon. “I am Harmony Darens.” I introduced myself to the rest of the board members. This time I used a different name because Miss Daniels had warned me of using her name in missions and businesses and of course I couldn’t use Donalds because Miss Daniels had told me never to use it or even think of it. So I used Darens as she had told me.

They welcomed me as their new investor. Mr. JD had his son who was automatically going to inherit his wealth and he was the director of the DIO Company as Mr.JD was the president of course. I knew that I could get what I wanted through Mr. JD’s son. So after the meeting I remained in the board room with him. “Hey girl, he moved closer. I am KD he added. Nice to meet you.” I am Harmony Darens, nice to meet you too.” We hand shook. I went back home with hope and happy because I knew this would be a piece of cake for me to finish my mission.

I went to mum’s room. “Good evening mum,” I greeted her as I entered. She was so hectic doing some work on her laptop. “Any good news Harmony?” She asked. I moved closer and sat on her bed. “Guess what mum, I am going to be the best daughter you have ever had. This mission is simpler than I thought, just wait you will soon be proud of me.” I smugly said to her. She smiled warmly. Later on I went to my bedroom. Director KD called, I was wondering why he was calling that late.

He requested to have lunch with me the next day. I first went to mum’s room to inform her. “Mum, I said, tomorrow I will not eat lunch with you. I have a special meal with my special person.” "Fine, fine, go ahead, remember to take care of yourself dear.” She said to me. Soon I was getting well along with director KD and he was slowly trusting me. I invested in their project that they were fighting for with Blue Daniels Winners Company and other 5 companies. IMOC (International Market Of Clothes) project was the project that the 7 companies were fighting for because it was much profitable and worldwide. This meant that the winning company was to be known worldwide and its products were to trend in different regions.

We had a meeting in the afternoon to discuss about the designs of the project. Director KD represented the designs he had together with his design team. President JD asked me to say something about the designs. “Not bad, I said. Of course I think we shall go with those designs for the IMOC project." One of the board members raised his hand and asked. “Director KD, how sure are you that your designs are original and no outsiders know about them?” I was now creepy and desperate. “Does he know that am blue lady’s daughter?” I asked myself. My thoughts were very far. “Miss Darens,” president JD called me. I did not reply because I seemed not to have heard due to the fact that I was absent minded. “Miss Harmony Darens,” he called me again. This time I heard and replied quickly yes,, yes!! Sir what is it?

“Have you ever seen these designs anywhere? He asked. “No, not really. I think they are original and nice.” I replied. One board member added, “Now we need to be considerate because mostly we are competing with the Blue Daniels Winners Company because the other companies aren’t high like Miss Daniels’.” I was hearing whatever plan they were on. Later on I stood up and said to Mr. KD. “As the largest shareholder of this company, I will not invest in anything that will bring losses. So please sir and your design team, do whatever it takes to win this project.” Later on president JD concluded the meeting and everyone left the board room. I moved out with director KD and we headed to his office. “I wish you good luck Mr. KD.” I said. He smiled confidently and said. “I know that we can win automatically but still am scared of the Blue Daniels Winners Company. You know that miss blue lady is so incredible." “That’s why we need to be more serious because as far as I know Miss Daniels, she is not a person that can easily allow defeat.” I added. We went on chatting as we went to his office to check for the files about the IMOC project.

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