Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 8: Blue Daniels Winners Company Wins The IMOC Project

This was my chance to steal the DIO designs and manipulate their products. I first requested Mr.KD to get me some water as soon as we entered his office. I used this time to check his computer where I pasted all their designs on my flash disk before he came back. On reaching home I gave mum the flash disk. “Good job my dear. I can now see your potential. She hugged me. Keep it up dear.” She praised me. She told me to leave her with the flash disk that she could handle the rest. “Don’t celebrate that your mission is done, I still need you until my company wins the IMOC project.” She continued. “Be aware of what next. You can now go.” I left and went to my reading room. I was qualm but I had nothing to do. Miss Daniels always thought that I was prodigy and so I had to do anything to prove my potential and win her trust.

In the morning mum invited me in her room before I left for work. “Thanks dear for everything, but please remember that you shouldn’t appear at the company until the project is done.” She reminded me as I left her room. For all those days I was working with the DIO. It was remaining a week to the competition. This is the time that Miss Daniels used to manipulate the DIO designs. In the same period mum produced new clothes in the same designs and colors of the DIOs. And so the clothes were now trending in different boutiques and markets.

It was remaining only one day to the selected day for the competition when one lady in the DIO design team saw the designs already out in a certain boutique. She immediately notified Mr. KD and they held a meeting on what they were to do about it. All the board members attended also I was also invited. President JD was so pissed as well as the rest of the board members. They blamed Mr. KD and his design team for being careless. President JD with a grimace, prodded Mr. KD. “It’s your fault stupid careless son. You are never careful.” Mr. JD was a grumpy man.

He almost hit KD with a chair, just that I tried to stop him by holding the chair from the back. “Please sir, do not blame or resent your son. It’s not his fault.” I pretendingly begged him. “It is because of this idiot son that we have been defeated with all the money you invested.” He seemed nervous and much caring about my money. I tried to calm Mr. JD down and later left the boardroom with KD. “Am sorry Miss Harmony.” KD stood in front of me and bent down to my face. “Please do not resent me, I will work hard and pay you all the money you invested in our company.” I stood still and took a heed of his apology.

Tears started falling down my cheeks when I looked directly into his eyes. I was feeling guilty and qualm though I had nothing to do by then. I felt like apologizing and letting him know that it was my fault. But I couldn’t since it was a profit to my mum’s company. Not wanting Mr. KD to notice my tears. I snorted and pulled his hands off my shoulders. “I need to rest please. My head hurts.” I said to him and walked away immediately.

“Poor KD, he trusted me not knowing am a devil dressed in an angel. What will happen if he gets to know that am the cause for their loss?” I guilty asked myself. On reaching home, ma’am Anna immediately noticed how weak I was and so she supported me and walked me to my room. “Anna, don’t you think that what am doing is wrong? I anxiously asked.

“My dear, you are doing it because you need to seek revenge for your mum. What you never knew, that DIO Company interrupted a contract that Miss Daniels was going to sign with the greatest company in US and they signed it in their names. That’s why for many years DIO has been greater than Blue Daniels Winners. So use this chance to return Miss Daniels’ riches that DIO stole from her.” Anna narrated everything to me. This brought back my potential and so I had to ignore all the guilt and pity I had for Mr. KD and continue with my mission to please mum.

The next day was the competition day. That night it was hard for me to sleep. I was so anxious about the following day. That night I was moving up and down. I went to mum’s room. She was hectic arranging the files, documents and other design papers. She looked nervous and curious like she was sure she was to win. “You haven’t slept.” She asked me when I opened the door. “I don’t have sleep.” I replied moving closer to her desk. She was looking at her designs. “Oohh mum you are so incredible. You even already displayed their designs.” I continued. If you saw how Mr. JD was much resented it’s like he wanted to swallow his son.”

“He deserves it. She continued. I can never forget what that idiot took from me. Go and rest. Get ready for tomorrow.” Mum requested me. In the morning, Anna brought me clothes in my room after ironing them. I left mum home and went first to the DIO Company. Mr. KD was there waiting for me. Of course he did not look fine, but I never bothered asking him. All the 7 companies gathered at the super hall for the competition. People were dressed to the nines, excited and drinking to their fullest.

The session began. Different companies presented their designs. It was now time for the DIO to present their designs. They had nothing to do but just to present what they had. Lastly Blue D. Winners Company presented and people were so impressed with their designs. I sat in the DIOs pretending not to know Miss Daniels at all. The session went on and it was now time to announce the winner.

The DIO Company had no hope at all but they got the 3rd position due to the fact they had designs that people had already seen. A company called Top Designs got the 2nd position. While still in a wait to announce the first position, Miss Daniels gestured me trying to show that she was proud of what I had done. I did not smile neither did I make a move. I immediately looked aside as if I was not the one that Miss Daniels was gesturing all long.

Due to the fact that I was sitting near Mr. KD, I couldn’t look at mum for a long time Just because I never wanted Mr. KD to suspect anything. The sparkling lights lit as people clapped to welcome the winner. “The winner of the Competition in this International Market Of Clothes (IMOC) project is,,,.” People were already shouting and clapping.

Miss Daniels was covered with happy smiles while Mr. JD was very resented. He looked at Miss Daniels with an irritated face. The presiding man announced. “Blue Daniels Winners Company has taken the first position with the best designs.” People shouted happily and excited. I did not show any sign that I was happy but inside I smugly smiled.

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