Hypercritical Secret

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Chapter 9: Getting Accustomed To Miss Daniels’ Habits And Work

Later on, Miss Daniels was requested to talk to the people on how she won the IMOC project. She confidently and excitedly moved to the microphone. “Good afternoon everybody, I would like to first thank all of you for attending this session and all the companies that participated in the competition. She added. “Without wasting time, I am just happy that at least I have won the IMOC project. And thanks to all my employees plus my precious,,,.” She seemed wanting to say my name but she stopped on the way not completing her sentence. "Anyway she continued. “I don’t know how I can express this ecstasy but thanks to all of you.”

“You know sometimes we are impoverished by the people we love or trust most and we think like we want to give up but I want everyone to take words. “Never give up until you reach the last step.” "Because we cannot beat or kill those people that betrayed us, the only revenge we can make to them is success. “Success is the best revenge.” She was staring at Mr. JD like she was sending all her words to him.

Everybody clapped after she was done with her speech. She stepped out of the stage with a splendid balmy smile trying to convince Mr. JD that she was now above him. She by-passed me and Mr. KD and gestured at me once again trying to tell me that she was pleased with what I did.

Neither did I smile nor look at her, I just stood like a statue maintaining one position until she had reached a distance. I was already confused and I felt my head was about to explode. Mr. JD turned to KD with a grimace. “I am going home, find me if you are done.” He said to Mr. KD and immediately turned and walked away. Later on, it was coming late and people were now leaving.

I cancelled the dinner I had planned with KD due to the fact that I couldn’t help looking at his face anymore after disappointing him. He took his car and went away and I also drove home immediately. All I wanted now was to lay on my bed and rest. “Welcome home my angel.” Mum greeted me with so much ecstasy.

“Mom!!! I shouted, please leave me, I need to rest before my head explodes.” I pushed her aside and ran upstairs to my room. I was snorting rapidly that I almost fainted. Without wasting a second, I changed into my night wears and slept right away. I over slept that it clocked 9:00am when I was still in bed. Afterwards I was woken up by Anna to go and have breakfast. Mum had prepared a simple joyful party at home to celebrate her success. In the evening mom and I went out for dinner. “Harmony, come let’s celebrate your first mission accomplishment.” She raised her glass of wine for a toast. “Mum don’t tell me you have another mission for me. Am already exhausted of this.” I said to her. “Come on Harmony, you know me, don’t you?” She continued. “I won’t say no because it will be a lie.

I actually have many missions waiting for you. And you won’t refuse. Will you?” “Mum,,,.” I called her irritated. “Don’t be ridiculous Harmony, you are my daughter, aren’t you? So you have help mum. Come on, don’t be so naive, let’s have a toast. After all we are celebrating.” She continued. “Let’s drink to our fullest.”

We went home very late and very drank that night. We slept soundly till morning. Looking in the mirror, I said to myself.“Harmony, look at yourself. You are very beautiful but check what you are doing. Anyway you won’t regret it. I have to please mum after all she is all I have. Please be ready for whatever mission you will be sent to and do it well. This is what pleases Miss Daniels so don’t reject her requests.” I sighed softly and later went for a bath. “What’s next,” I could ask myself. I was feeling ready for anything now because I was now getting accustomed to mum’s behaviors. I knew she was someone who couldn’t just accept loss and disappointment.

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