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Even as Jane Woolworth sat in her 3rd period class she knew she wasn't safe. She knew somebody was watching her, her best friend Simon Walcott sat behind her and all class period stared at her. Refusing to seek help will Jane put her best friend in danger of will she seek the cops help? Warning- story may include blood, gore, and or suicide. None of the characters are based off anybody its just pure fiction.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1- Mother's class

Janes mother Angie Babson a class about being safe in the world, and even though Jane didn't go to her classes and understand just how important it is to her mother, and she understood just how to be safe when she was out all alone.

She admired her mother with her long red hair and her beautiful blue eyes she was a short woman only about 5'4 and about 98 pounds but she was everything Jane wanted to be.

Her no good father on the other hand wasn't around much but when he was everything she hated about the world put together in a 6 foot body.

Jane wanted to go to a party about a block away from her house, even though her mom let her go she made sure she was gonna be safe.

Jane met up with Simon one of her closest friends in the whole wide county of the little town they lived in.

Peterson, North Carolina, the smallest town in North Carolina, and even though sometimes she hated the little town she still loved to be there

The party was " off the chain" as her best girl friend had put it, Gabrielle Lafeyette was really beautiful she had no clue why she could never find a boyfriend. But when she did it was awkward. How come I don't feel safe around any of the people I normally feel safe around? Jane thought to herself as Simon pulled up in front of Jane's house,
" Goodnight Simon" Jane said with a drunk smile maybe I shouldn't have drank so much
"Simon I feel sick"
" Jane not in the car I just had her detailed." Simon said while he carefully pulled her out of the car before she vomited

The next day at school was a nightnare, her third period class was the worst, she was so paranoid from the night before she could barely focus on her studies. Focus Jane, focus I need to pass the next test to graduate.
"Jane its time to go, Jane are you listening?"
"Yeah Simon I hear you"
"What is going on with you lately?"
"That class went in forever huh, Si."
"Yeah, Jane, wanna hang after school?"
"Simon bestie sure when and where?"
"Ill text you the details"
God I forgot how to have a real conversation with my best friend. I can't believe I let my mom get in my head like this. God why am I so stupid. A leader should never so weakness or as my mom says 'leaders can never be put down or discriminated against.' God mom so unique. I love her.
Simon thought maybe just maybe Jane would want to go out with him some time. But as usual Jane was just as clueless as ever.
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