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Chapter 3


Rea smoothed out her summer dress before entering the room of 143. She had been deciding on 143’s new name and had settled on Jade Aiko. The last name was only for her new identification package and would be seldom, if ever, used. Ironically, Aiko in Japanese meant child of love, which she was not, but it would be appropriate for her new profession. She opened the door and walked into the thirty by thirty room which was furnished with a metal bed, a dresser that could have been found in any cheap motel and a captain’s dining room chair. The walls were a stark white, without trim of any kind, which met the white stucco ceiling that rose twelve feet above the floor. The carpet however, was a plush brown fiber soft on the feet, with a thick pad underneath. Totally devoid of windows, a vent constantly brought fresh air into the room and a ceiling fan provided dimming lights. The fan turned slowly, circulating the air which carried the faint scent of human sweat. In the top center of the right and left hand walls were covered sound vents that allowed sound to pass from room to room. Currently these vents were closed, sealing any noises within the four walls.

In the wooden captain’s chair sat a voluptuous girl of nineteen wearing only a white teddy, her head bowed with her long straight black hair shrouding her face. Her skin was exotically dark, caused by a mixture of Asian and African heritage. Rea knew very little of the girl’s past except that she was not missed by any friends or family. Rea had found her in a Dallas homeless shelter, drug addled, with severe malnutrition, basically an empty shell of a person. Her exotic skin and eyes had caught Rea’s attention however, and she was brought to the safe house to be transformed. The task with 143 had been to first curb the addiction, then break any spirit that might remain. Now it was time for her new life and transformation from 143 to Jade.

“I see you are awake 143, very good,” she said as she quietly shut the door behind her. Rea walked up to stand directly in front of 143 and lifted her chin up so that she was made to look directly in her eyes. At first she tried to avert her gaze, “Look at me,” Rea said forcefully. The eyes that came up to meet hers were no longer the empty eyes of the waif of four months earlier but they did carry a fearful submissiveness that pleased Rea. “That is better. You have done well, my dear, very well. Your new life now awaits you, a life where you will be well rewarded should you obey your new master.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she responded.

“I have decided on your new name, one fitting of your beauty, a beauty that men will covet. From now on you will answer to Jade and if a last name is required it is Aiko. Please repeat this.”

“Jade Aiko is my name,” she said in a hushed tone.

“Stand and remove your clothing.”

Jade stood with a graceful fluid motion and without hesitation removed the white teddy, her chin again resting on her chest in submission. Rea took both her hands and held her arms out straight turning them gently over as she inspected them. Any signs of the many needle marks that had riddled her arms had disappeared. Her skin was clear of blemish or bruises, soft and smooth from the daily applications of body lotion. She let go of her hands and Jade dropped them to her side not attempting to cover herself in any way.

“Turn slowly,” Rea said as her eyes searched Jade’s body for any imperfection. Satisfied that from a physical standpoint Jade was ready, it was time to test her mentally. “Who do you love?”

“You, Mistress.”

“To whom do you owe?”

“Everything I am I owe to you, Mistress. My life is yours,” she said as she lifted her head now and looked into Rea’s eyes. “I am yours and will repay you for your kindness.”

“What will you do to repay your debt to me?”

“Your command is my duty, Mistress.”

Rea reached under her sundress and took a Ruger LCP .380 from her thigh holster. She held it out to Jade, “I want you to repay your debt to me.” Jade gingerly took the small handgun from her and held it slightly pointed away from Rea. “Place the gun against your temple.” Jade’s reaction to the command was instantaneous as she quickly brought the gun up to her head and pressed it up against her temple. “Who do you owe,” Rea said in a forceful voice.

“I owe you, Mistress,” she stated in a strong voice.

“I said who do you owe?” yelled Rea.

“I owe you, Mistress,” yelled back Jade.

“I said who the fuck do you owe!”

“I owe you, mistress!”

“Pay me, pay me now, and give me your life. Give it to me now!” Rea’s face was inches from Jade’s as she glared into Jade’s sparkling green eyes.

“My life is yours, Mistress!”

Rea heard the trigger and the pin engage an empty chamber. Once, twice and again a third time, “Enough my sweet Jade,” Rea said as she reach up and took the gun from Jade’s still steady hand. She tossed the handgun onto the bed and ran her hands down both sides of Jade’s body in a sensual caress until they rested on the gentle curves of her hips. She touched her nose to the side of Jade’s and took in the sweet subtle scent of her sweat then brought their lips together for a deep, passionate kiss. The erotic flavor of her tongue and lips sent a wave through her resulting in goose flesh on her skin. She pressed her lips to Jade’s ear and whispered softly, “Please me.”

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