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Chapter 7


Rea had slept on the cool leather sofa for about an hour when Abby tapped lightly on her shoulder. She sat up and stretched attempting to get the stiffness out of her muscles. She really should have gone to her own room to nap but the couch had been inviting after the long night behind her. “What is it, Abby?” she asked.

“Jade will be ready soon and I thought you might wish to visit Mommy before you leave. She is awake but groggy. I do not think she realizes her predicament yet,” finished Abby as she stared at the floor when she spoke.

“Thank you, Abby. I will go and explain things to her then. Please fetch me some new clothes, something that goes well with my red pumps,” she said as she slipped on her black leather boots then stood, straightened her summer dress, and stretched again for good measure. She went into the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth clean of the paste that had built up while she slept and removing any lingering scent of the vodka from the tumbler she had when she first arrived. After looking in the mirror she decided a shower was in order. Her makeup was blotchy from the sweat of her sexual encounter with Jade, her chestnut hair disheveled from sleeping on the couch.

The shower here was massive unlike her personal shower in her room upstairs. It was made to hold easily four people with a comfortable seat and three showerheads. It had been used mostly by patrons when the house had been a full time brothel. Now it was seldom used but kept immaculately clean by Abby.

The hot water felt delicious as it cascaded down her body. She had turned on all three showerheads, adjusting two of them on a pulsating massage setting. The body wash she used was scented slightly of coconut with a hint of lavender, arousing her senses and helping her shed the last remnants of her nap. She shaved her legs, armpits, then pubic hair, leaving only an inch wide chestnut strip of hair which is the way Carrick liked it. She hoped she would have a chance to get home tonight or that he would come to the gallery tomorrow night. She hated to be gone for so long but business was business.

She toweled off, went to the bathroom door and retrieved the outfit Abby had placed on the hook. On the floor was her pair of red pumps with a pair of ankle high yellow cotton ruffled bobby socks tucked in the toe. The outfit was a cute tight fitting, short sleeved, black and gray striped blouse, with an oversized bow and tails that reached her midsection. The shorts were comfortably tight and hugged her rear accentuating her figure. They had an odd pattern that appeared to be inverted rain clouds of red with two short streams, falling up rather than down, on a field of white. She was always pleased with Abby’s choices. She stood in the mirror admiring the shape the three-inch heels gave to her legs and the splash of yellow above the heels. It was a young look for her and she smiled at her reflection. She decided she would have to compliment Abby on her choice.

She finished with brushing her hair and applied light makeup. She took one last look in the mirror before she left the still steamy bathroom. On the bar was a mug of hot coffee, steam rising and offering a hint of vanilla. She took a small sip, relishing the nearly burning heat as it wakened her tongue and her throat. Abby stood by the hallway door waiting patiently, hands clutched together before her, head down submissively.

“Wonderful choice in outfit, Abby,” she said appreciatively.

“Thank you, Rea. I had hoped you would approve,” she answered softly. “Jade is ready when you are. She seems quite excited and I saw her smile at herself in the mirror.”

“Yes she is ready for this, although the first time will be the hardest for her, she will do fine. How is Mommy?”

“The same, she is getting a steady mild sedative that Leon has assured me will not harm the fetus.”

“It had better not, what about addiction?”

“There may be a mild dependency at first but he has said that the child can be weaned off the drug in a couple of days without birth defects being a problem.”

“Very well, time for a visit before I leave. Please bring Jade out here and make her comfortable. Perhaps a drink of whatever she chooses would be in order.”

“One for you Rea as well?”

“No I will stay with the coffee for the drive down. Have a travel mug ready if you would.”

“Yes Rea,” she finished as she headed towards the kitchen.

Rea entered the room with the nametag Mommy on the door. It was three times larger than any other room with all the modern equipment you would typically find in an emergency room. All the equipment was immaculate from the heart monitor, IV drip, respirators and multiple cabinets on the wall. The room was meant to be a triage for anyone that needed emergency treatment. A couple of new items had been added, most notably a baby scale and an infant emergency incubator just in case.

Mommy was strapped down to a hospital bed, her hands and feet securing her from causing injury to either herself or an attendant. As Rea closed the door her head turned towards her, eyes glazed and movement in a slow motion due to the sedatives.

“Hello, Mommy,” said Rea as she sat in a high chair that allowed her to look down on the bed as she sat.

“Where am I?” Mommy asked with slurred yet methodical words.

“You are in my facility being cared for. You will remain here and give birth to your son.”

“It’s a boy? How do you know?”

“We have known for quite some time even though you have not. We have great plans for you, Mommy.”

“Plans?” she asked. She struggled briefly to move her arms but quickly stopped because of her weakness. “I want to go home.”

“You will, Mommy, but it will be a far different home. One I hope you will embrace given time. If you do, you shall have quite a life. One of many pleasures and trinkets, all of which you will share with your son.”

“Where’s Chuck?”

“Your husband is not your concern, now or ever again. He will believe you are dead and move on someday I am sure of it.” Rea could see recognition in Mommy’s eyes and a gathering of fear behind her drug addled pupils. “Your concerns need to reside with you and your child. I promise you a fantastic life of carefree adornment, of parties and trips to exotic destinations in lavish homes. All can be yours if you behave. If not,” Rea leaned in close for effect, her breath flaring the nostrils of the helpless woman, “I will rip the child from your womb and you will bleed to death as your baby screams. If you survive and cooperate, your baby will be born normally with all the pain and bliss that a mother experiences. After, you will be sent to your new home with your child and if you resist, your child will be taken from you, slaughtered as you watch, and with your last dying breath you will witness his life’s blood leave him.”

“I advise you to accept your fate for it is much better than others. You will be treated with kindness both here and at your destination, provided you obey.”

Rea stood and walked to the door. “You will have a couple of different attendants. All will do as I described if you are unruly. Behave, do as you’re told and embrace your new journey with excitement, for you will leave your old life behind. You simply have no choice in the matter.”

Rea closed the door behind her which blocked out the sobs of Mommy from within. This was unlike anything she had ever done in the past. A brief flash of regret entered into her thoughts but she quickly dismissed it. She carried no regrets on her past work as each girl she had acquired she believed she had rescued, in some way, from the horrors of what their lives had become. She had delivered them, in a sense, either to a life of money and pleasure or to a tomb. Both ends were preferable to the lives they lived. Even those that did not make it through only found perhaps a faster end to a destiny that was already written for them. No, for her there was no need for remorse.

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