The lady behind the mirror

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There is a spirit haunting your mirrors some call her Bloody Mary but I call her the lady behind the mirror.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Star is my nickname, three years ago, I was 14 years old, my mother would always warn me about an evil spirit that would pull you into the mirror and take over your life, that’s how aunty died in her mind. She would light candles and make funny things in the living room, I just pretended to be listening and played along I did this until she died. The doctor said it was from cancer but I didn’t think so. So one night I decided to take off the bracelet for one second, just one. I fumbled with it and once it was off the sound of nothingness comes to my ears, then a shake.

Being the scared 18-year old I put it back on quickly right before the ghost can devour me, a dark mist floats above me but soon a loud shrieking noise bounced around the room.

β€œHello, sweet daughter.” Keep your head down I chant, don’t lookup. Feeling it comes closer and closer I close my eye harshly and whisper these words.

β€œGo back to the mirror.” The ghost does what I asked, Fear still resides through me. Whatever just happened is my greatest fear, she doesn’t strike at night she grabs you in your sleep and kills you over and over in your head. She makes pictures that will give you nightmares, messing with a charm, I sigh. Looking at the mirror I admire the lady in the mirror rocking back and forth like my aunt used to do.

β€œI will kill you starting with your soul” I whisper walking away her laughter becomes much audible as she rocks back and forth, creaking every second.

The lady behind the mirror.

β€œThere is a time in an age when you grow up and be new but sometimes there is never a time like this. You might want to cry and follow the darkness but there is light. It’s hidden deep inside.” Speaking the last word my heart beats fast with fear, applauding from the audience grows stronger and stronger, holding a big smile the cameras flash in my eyes.

β€œThis was the first time I ever felt happy but we all know that all happy endings have a sad start.” Looking over at the lady watching my knitting in her rocking chair. I can still feel memories of my childhood even the ones I wish to ignore.

β€œViolet” a voice whispers into my ear. Meeting my eyes with my own personal enemy I wish so bad that she would just disappear.

β€œViolet” John the manager.

β€œI think we need to talk.” I start to say getting up on my chair he forced me back down.

β€œYou will accept” the sound of his voice changed to a much darker them anger and frustration seep through.

β€œI will not.” Seconds later he falls on the ground with a blood slash dripping from neck to the back.

The last behind the mirror

Drinking the whiskey, I just want to be drunk feel carefree, feeling someone eyes on me, maybe this will make me forget. β€œDouble-shot” I requested to the bartender curious why I am not yet drunk yet. Raising an eyebrow she continues to make the drink dropping something in it.

β€œPlease you did that for the last three times, it’s not working.” The groaned out, the bartender screams as her hand gets burned.

The lady behind the mirror

Tears run down my face, my ears ring, every part of my body aches to be in my bed. No please this feeling is horrible, I can’t I just can’t.

β€œCome on, I’ll make you feel good.” Suddenly the man pushes me into the walls crushing me everywhere I see is red, he rips off my shirt only to be burned. Blood spills. Falling down I cry like I never did, the fear is there and no one can save me.

The lady behind the mirror

Soon I walk home the day is gone and the happiness is long gone. Looking at the mirror again I see myself in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth, creaking every rock.

The lady behind the mirror

My question for you, who is the lady behind the mirror?

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