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Adapting to Change

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After a tragic event happened in his life, Connor was sent to prison. But because of his unnatural abilities, he was not sent to prison... but a small town. He has to learn how to face this new reality and adapt to new, harsh situations. Other people in the town seem to have these abilities like him. Connor will have to overcome various obstacles, various people, and figure out his main purpose why he's there.

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1, "Learning the Truth"

It was like my life flashed before my eyes. Everything that happened... I had no remorse. The feeling of anger overpowered me. I was furious at what they had done to me. I retaliated. I made my own stand in my life. But that was stripped away from me. As time passed, I waited for my sentence. I waited for my eternal doom. As I stood up, the judge spoke down to everyone in the room. “On the crime of voluntary manslaughter, Connor Eszes, as of 1994, I pronounce you to be guilty of your charges.”

When that happened, I felt hopeless. It was like I blacked out. When I got myself back into reality, I was in a police car. Looking out of the window, the surroundings were void, the only thing seen to my eyes was the compact of the forest. I thought about what to do and spoke up to the person driving. “Where are we right now?“. The driver quickly shut me down, “In the middle of nowhere, Connor.” Being shut down, I thought of what to say next. Blurting out, “Are we close to the prison?“. The driver once again spoke, in an ominous tone. “You are not going to prison, Connor. We see.. potential in you. But, maybe to someone like you.. it will feel like a prison.”

This response confused me. I didn’t have the slightest clue what he meant by that. I wasn’t going to prison, but it would feel like one? I questioned what that meant, but decided to keep silent. I didn’t want to annoy the man, as I felt like asking too many questions would have. As the car went further down the highway of nothingness, I saw a sign in the distance. When the car got closer to the sign, I read it. “The Town of Gwydion, a place where the special survive.” This got me thinking to my core. Was this just a town we were passing by? Probably. But, I wanted to ask just in case.

“Is this where I’m supposed to be, driver?” The driver slowed down the car and replied, “Yes. This will be your new home.” Immediately, I smirked. “So, I’m not going to prison, but I will be staying here?” The driver responded, “Correct.” I felt an abundance of positive emotions, I couldn’t describe it. My focus wasn’t on the town, it was not rotting in prison. The thought of why I was here crossed my mind for a second, but the joy of seeming freedom was comforting. The driver responded, “I think you will fit in just well.” It seemed there were other people like me in this town, I immediately picked up that fact. I questioned him, “So am I seen as special too?“.

The driver chuckled, and said, “You pick up things very fast.” I interrupted, putting in my witty comment. “I get that a lot!“. The driver continued, “You’ll discover your purpose. Just like how everyone in the town discovered theirs.” A purpose, he said. I didn’t have a true purpose in my life. Stuff came back to me with the word, purpose. What was the purpose of me being here in the first place? I thought I’d ask that. “Why am I going here instead of prison?” The driver was silent for a second, thinking of an answer I presumed. He responded, “If you don’t know the answer, you’ll figure it out sooner than later. But, think to yourself. What makes you stand out?”

Before I had the time to think, we were in the town. It was in front of a sheriff’s office. The driver took me out of the car and put me in handcuffs. The driver spoke into my ear, “You’ll be out of here in a matter of a few hours. It always happens.” I responded, “How do you know?” The driver laughed. “Because I was in your position once. Now, be quiet please.” The driver took me in, and I didn’t know what that meant. We walked into the sheriff’s office, and a man, who looked like a bum perked up. “Is this Connor?“. The driver responded, “Yes. It is.“. The bum-looking man responded, “Alright. What are his powers?“. Immediately then I was confused.

The driver responded, “We don’t know exactly what type of powers he has in specifics. It’s hard to pinpoint, but what we do know is, with his powers.. he is extremely manipulative. My group will keep an eye on him.” The driver left. I had no idea what powers I had. I had no reason to believe I had any powers. And why was I considered to be manipulative? Why would someone like me have powers? The sheriff got up, “Alright Connor. Before I put you in a cell, we are going to ask you a few questions. Are you alright with that?“. I looked at him and nodded.

“Are you aware of your powers?“. The bum-looking man questioned. I looked up at him and shook my head. I was genuinely confused, stating “I have no clue what you are talking about.” The bum-looking man looked at me, analyzing me. I stared at him. I knew that he didn’t believe me. I continued with what I was saying, “I know that I was just called manipulative, but I had no clue I have any of these powers.” The bum stated, “Alright, I believe you.” I looked deep into his eyes. Just looking at him, I knew he was starting to believe me more and more. He asked the next question, “Do you know anyone else who was special?“. This was an easy question for me because it was true that I did not. “No.” I quickly said.

He paused, nodding. Then, he looked at me in the eyes. “If you want to back out from being here, and go to prison instead.. you can. So, do you want to stay?“, in mere seconds I responded easily with “I want to stay.” The bum nodded. “Alright. Well, you can follow me into your cell. You.. will be out in a few hours or so. We have no control over it.” In my mind, I assumed someone special like me had control over the town. Why wouldn’t they? There’s no way.. normal people would be able to control people like me. I asked, curious about this too... “Are there normal people here too?” My curiosity longing to be answered. The bum said, “Yes. I am one of them. And if you try to hurt any civilian, you will be killed.” I nodded. Why would anyone kill a civilian in the first place?

I was taken into my cell where I had time to think. In there, to entertain myself I made the cell which was once dull, into something intriguing and amusing. I did this all the time for my own comfort. It was a reality to me. My imagination came to me, and I just imagined myself throwing a ball back and forth. Waiting for the time to pass by. I thought to myself, the ideas accumulating up in my head. Why was I sent here? What am I going to do when I get out of this cell? What do I do from here? What are my powers? Who’s going to be watching me? And most importantly to me, how do I get out of here? I tried coming up with logical answers and thinking about it, majority of the pieces came together in my mind.

The one thing I like to consider myself is highly intelligent. I was always considered to be very smart as a kid, so that could potentially be my power. I was sent here because of those powers, that one was obvious. When I get out of the cell, I need to keep up with my surroundings. Realistically, there is probably a hierarchy of power. I already know there are different groups, from what the driver said. When I get out of here, I need to figure out how this town works and how to fit in. But the most important thing to me? How do I use that to get home?

All of these ideas were rocketing through each corridor of my brain. I needed a plan and I needed to be safe. How do I know this town isn’t going to be completely dysfunctional? I don’t. I have no idea what is going to be out there, and I may even need to prepare for the worst. The ideas started to worry me. In my imagination, I created comforts. More time passed by. I waited to finally be released.. I also wondered, and blurted out loud. “What’s the damn point of keeping me in a cell if I’m going to be let out in hours anyway?”

Right when I said that, a man with a hat walked in, and spoke up. “So you don’t get killed out here immediately.” When he walked in, I knew it was my time to leave.

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