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The girl in the mirror

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Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Where do you go? Can you talk? Can you hear? Can you see? Can people see you?

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

I Nari Kim never thought I would go near a lake ever since that day. By meaning of That Day I mean the day every year my mother locks herself in the bathroom and cries or at least she did. When I was 3 years old my older sister Sunhee, my father, and I went hiking. My mother stayed home with my at the time 2 weeks old sister Areum. When we all reached the top of the cliff trail, it was time for lunch. I remember my mother had made us beef stew with some saltine crackers. When my sister and I were eating my father walked away. He was gone for over an hour before we started to get worried. We looked around for 30 minutes before we saw a black cap floating on the surface of the lake. We froze in our spots. I thought dad was just going swimming but Sunhee knew. She didn’t have the heart to tell me so she told me to go back and finish my lunch but I refused. Sunhee grabbed my hand gently and we walked back to our little setup and grabbed dad’s backpack and sifted through it. She then grabbed his phone and called 911. They told her that she was a very smart 6 year old for knowing to call them. When they had arrived they had gotten my father out from the lake. They didn’t even hesitate to say, “ 11:53 a.m. July 5th Sanghwan Kim.” After they pronounced him dead they called Umma and told he had died. The police had told her that they think that he had committed suicide, I think it was murder but nobody believes me. My mother says I must be going crazy just like my father.
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