The girl in the mirror

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Chapter 4

The only person who ever understood me besides my father was my grandmother. When my parents came to the U.S my fathers mom had come with them. She was the only person ever who thought my father was murdered. When I turned 9 my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. By the time I turned 10 her doctors told us that she was terminal. Every day after school instead of walking home I would walk to my grandmother’s house and visit her. She was my only friend. I was with her the day that she passed away. I was the one holding her hand and telling her that I loved her. I was the only one by her side there with her. When she stopped breathing I didn’t hesitate and called her doctors and told them that she had passed away. Her last words to me were, “ You will forever have a special piece of my heart that no one else can have. It will feel like you are all alone, but trust me your father and I will be steps away from you at all times every day. You just remember your father and I will always be with you even if you don’t know it yet.” My sister and mother were never as close to her as I was; they never understood my grief. They probably thought she was an old hag who was related to their dead-beat suicidal father. To this day sometimes I feel like I can smell her lilac and jasmine perfume and sometimes I swear I can hear her soft laugh in the wind.
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