The girl in the mirror

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Chapter 6

A few weeks before I died I started to realize that Christian always acted strangely around us when we talked about our father. After that I became highly suspicious of him. I could sense that he felt uncomfortable around me from that point. One day Umma and Christian had gone out to the local food market and left my sisters and I alone. After they had left the house I quickly but silently walked into their room. I went through all of his drawers and closet cubes. I was about to give up until I found some dirty looking clothes and a map of what looked like a lake. Then suddenly I heard the door close behind my mother and Christian. I had heard is soft but clear footsteps coming towards their bedroom. I didn’t know what I could do. I quickly ran inside of their closet behind all of my mother’s long dresses. When he walked in I had realized I had left his map on the ground before I could step out and grab it he walked in room. I instantly regretted what I have done. I kept looking at the map when I realized it was the same lake where my father was killed.
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