The girl in the mirror

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Chapter 7

He walked into the room slowly tired of walking to the market. He had sweat dripping down his face as if he had a personal thunder storm over his head. He swiped his hand over his deep brown hair, closing his eyes as he groaned of tiredness and pain. As he sat up he saw the map on the floor. He looked around suspiciously wondering if anyone had went through his stuff. He walked over to the closet and put the map back behind his old clothes and left the room. I could finally breath when suddenly I felt something poking my back when I turned around I saw a small pocket book. I grabbed the book and looked inside. I opened to the first page when I saw my father’s picture when he had been promoted to the head of his company. I turned the page and there he was again and again. Every page had a picture of him. When I reached the last page their was an envelope. I grabbed the envelope and opened it looked inside. Then I saw a lock of hair and a piece of paper. I looked at the paper which read, “저는 김상환입니다. 저는 3명의 딸과 아내가 있습니다. 제 목숨을 살려주세요!” “ I am Kim Sang Hwan. I have 3 daughters and a wife. Please spare my life!” When I read my fathers name I grabbed the lock of hair and placed it against one of the pictures of him. It was his hair. Who would do such a horrible thing to a sweet innocent man?
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