The Mystery

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A mistake made by a powerful king at youthful age would not be reverted, now he has to face the consequences with his family who know nothing about it. Uju will not rest until she seek revenge to her satisfaction, using members of the household against each other, plotting evil and destroying anyone who comes her way, her determination leads to ruin and wiped out an entire family.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Perfect POV
"I don't understand what is going on in this palace anymore, since Debby came to this palace, everything has been upside down, I would have been patient with Rahm, I was in such a hurry to have a son that I didn't even think of the consequences of having two wives. I wouldn't have made the mistake of marrying Debby in the first place, I wasn't even thinking when I was making that decision and now Rahm is suffering for my mistake, I have hurt her very much and I am just realizing it now, I am such a fool, the male child I was looking for was given to me by Debby but I am not happy about it because it has caused many chaos in my palace. Now Rahm is carrying my child and the priest had confirmed that it's a male, I wish I had known, I would have been patient with Rahm. Haa! you destroyed your home with your hands Perfect." He lament as he pace up and down in the living room. He remembered his last conversation with Rahm before he married Debby.

"Is it so difficult to have a male child? I have seen many families with male children, why can't I have one? who will ascend the throne when I die? Kingship cannot be taken away from my lineage, no I won't let that happen as long as I am still alive." Perfect lamented sadly, Rahm entered unexpectedly and he was shocked when she tapped his shoulder.
"oh! my queen, I didn't notice your presence"He said and fake a smile.
"How would you noticed when you were lost in your thoughts? please tell me what is wrong?" she asked feeling concerned.
"It's nothing, don't bother yourself" he said sadly
"How can you tell me it's nothing when your face is so full? You know that problem shared is halve solved" she said calmly
"What is your problem? I said it's nothing, please leave me alone" he shouted angrily.
Rahm was shocked, she didn't expect that from him, she looked at him and began to sob.
"Can't you understand that all I want is a male child, an heir apparent to the throne. Do you want kingship to be taken away from my lineage?"he asked angrily.
"Please be patient with me, I promise to provide an heir soon"she said amidst tears.
"How many times will you promise me that? when will you fulfill your promise? I'm taking a new wife soon since there's no positive result" he blurted out angrily
Rahm looked at him surprised as tears dropped from her eyes, she knelt down pleading for a second chance.
"My king, please don't do that, I promise to provide an heir after the birth of this child" she said sadly
"I don't believe that, you said so when Rashi was in your womb. Now, you are saying it when another girl is in your womb. You will keep saying it until you have five girls and I can't wait till then" he said sadly
"please give me another chance"she said calmly
"Guard, guard" he called
"Yes your majesty" a guard ran in and knelt in front of the king
"Tell the chief priest that I am ready to take another wife, I need a lady from this kingdom or neighbouring kingdoms" he said calmly
"Yes, your majesty" he said and left
"Please, don't do this" she said sadly
"I have made my decision, nothing can change it" he said angrily.

(back to present)
He nodded his head in anguish and bite his lower lip, he wished he hadn't made that mistake. Rahm entered the royal chamber, she tip-toed to the king and tinkled him a little, he jerked up scared.
"I know you will get scared, I wonder when you will be an adult because you are still childish" she said smiling.
"You won't cease to amuse me woman" he said and smiled.
"Tell me, what is wrong with you?" she asked grinning from ear to ear.
"As far as you are here with me, I am alright" he said happily.
"Oh really! Only she receives all the compliments while I receive the insult" Debby said angrily from behind. Perfect and Rahm looked at her surprised, they didn't know she was there.
"What are you doing here? I didn't sent for you so.......
"Neither did you sent for her" Debby cuts in angrily.
"My king, I will leave now" Rahm cuts in calmly.
"But you just came here" Perfect said sadly
"And so, she should leave. I am the mother of the heir and I should be here" Debby said smiling.
"She is pregnant and the child is a male" Perfect said boldly.
"So, my son is the first, he is the heir apparent to the throne, there can't be two heirs at the same time" Debby said happily.
"I made a very big mistake and I wish I can revert it" he said sorrowfully.
"But unfortunately, you can't, so leave it" Debby said mockery.
"I will leave now" Rahm said and left.
"Bye" Debby said faking a smile.
"Excuse me, woman" He said and left.
"Whatever" Debby said and smiled wickedly.
"At least, they are not together just as I wanted" she said happily.

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