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Yemisi and Kelechi were in their apartment. The former on the bed, the latter in the bathroom. The one on the bed picked up the phone that belonged to the one in the bathroom and frantically began to go through it. The one in the bathroom came out of the bathroom and saw the one on the bed.

‘What are you doing?’, she asked angrily.

‘Who is Goke?’, Yemisi asked.

‘Why are you going through my phone?’, Kelechi yelled and snatched her phone away.

‘I’m trying to find the people who attacked us’

‘That’s why you were going through my phone? You should come up with a better excuse’

‘It’s the truth. I’m not the one with 54k followers on Instagram. I’m not the one with a vlog. And I am neither the one who’s openly gay on social media’

‘What does any of that have to do with what’s happening?’

‘You tell me. Who is Goke? And why were you flirting with him?’

Kelechi ignored the question and started drying off with her towel.

‘I’m talking to you’, Yemisi said.

Kelechi got up and started throwing clothes into her bag.

‘What are you doing?’

Kelechi continued.

‘Stop it. Where are you going?’

‘You know what the painful part is?’, Kelechi asked, ‘Throughout this whole thing, all you’ve cared about is finding those guys that hurt us. You did not stop to think that I was the one that was raped. Not you. I am the one that has to live with that. The time when I need you the most is when you’re pushing me away with your antics. And you seem to be very sure that I’m the one who has enemies because everything has to be my fault’

‘No. That’s not what I..’

’And by the way, Goke was a subscriber to my vlog on YouTube who DM’ed me. And yes, we were flirting but that was it. I flirt with everyone, Yemisi. I’m sorry for all I’ve put you through.

Then Kelechi stormed out of the house. Yemisi collapsed on the sofa with exhaustion.

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