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What Kelechi did not know was that Yemisi had exported all of her chats onto her own smartphone. She had also withheld the memory drive from Kelechi’s camera. Kelechi had placed a camera on the table, unknowingly videotaping the whole crime scene.

When she watched the tape from the camera, she saw how the guys had hit her. There were definitely five of them, but their faces were covered. She couldn’t make out any of their faces.

The whole incident was just too unsettling. They were attacked in a private room in an exclusive hotel and no one else was attacked. It was clearly a hate crime, because she couldn’t think of any other motive.

Yemisi wanted to sue the hotel but Kelechi was still adamant about not pressing charges. She could sue on her own, but first things first.

This was a very coordinated attack and she wanted to find out the culprits. They were all wearing the same clothes, black masks, army green shirts, black jeans and black shoes.

Why they attacked is another question. Yemisi’s relationship with Kelechi was very lowkey and only close family members knew they were dating. She had heard about hate crimes against LGBT people before, but she was very private about her sex life, so why would she be targeted? Which left Kelechi, who was popular on social media and proudly wore a rainbow on all her bios. Kelechi never mentioned Yemisi on her lifestyle vlog, but Yemisi just had to make sure.

She started going through all of Kelechi’s chats, hundreds of conversations. There were many flirty texts with fans, but the only one that stood out was the chat with Goke, the same guy who caused their fight.

In the chat, he had asked Kelechi out and she had declined. Then he started saying crude things about how Kelechi would better enjoy sex with men. The conversation ended there, meaning Kelechi had blocked him.

Yemisi dug further. She searched through Kelechi’s followers on Instagram and finds only one of them with Goke as their username. She searched through their page and found pictures of the user, a young, dark skinned man. His page was simple. It showed he was still a student of Leverson University, a popular private university in the state. She almost lost interest until she saw a picture of him at a party, standing with another guy who was wearing an army green shirt, black jeans and shoes. It was too fantastic a coincidence, but she could use all the clues she could get.

She continued to work as a freelance content writer online. Kelechi never called and neither did she, but she was worried nonetheless. Kelechi’s cousin had called to say she was staying at their family house, so Yemisi knew she was safe. It was going to be tough for her to recover from the horrible events of that morning. Which was all the more reason why she had to find out who the criminals were. And if finding this Goke guy was the answer, so be it.

She went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and began to cut her long braids into a very low afro. She shaved her brows and practised pouting her lips.

She went to the back of her closet and pulled out a travelling box. She unlocked it and took out two bundles of crisp new thousand naira notes. Then she locked the box and hid it back behind the closet.

In another travelling box, she dumped some clothes in it, along with her laptop and the money she took. Then she locked her apartment and headed for Leverson University.

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