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From Goke’s Instagram page, she was able to locate his department in the Faculty of Administration. She was wearing heavy makeup, her hair was cut low and she was wearing a skin tight floral print dress which showed off her curves. She waited outside the department until she saw him walking out alone heading for his car.

She quickly walked up to him and yelled, ‘Goke!’

He stopped and looked her way. She noticed he was much taller in person.

‘Goke, how are you?’, she asked, smiling widely.

He looked a little confused. ‘I’m fine. Sorry please, do I know you?’

‘Are you serious? it’s me, Sandra. From the concert last week?’

He shakes his head and shrugs.

‘You had too many shots and we talked to each other before your boys took you home?’, she asked. Her voice was higher than it usually was.

‘I’m sorry because I really can’t remember’, he said.

‘Why don’t you invite me over and we’ll see if I can help refresh your memory?’, she said and smiled.

He carefully looks at her for a while, then nods. ‘Okay, I’m going to stop at a buka on the way to my apartment. Come with?’

‘Sure’, she answered, and got in the car.

They had rice and chicken at the buka as they talked all afternoon. He told her he was majoring in Public Administration and he was in his third year. She told him she was a level 100 Sociology student and lived off campus. After the outing, they exchanged numbers.

She went back to the apartment she rented just outside the school campus. She had had a fake student ID made and bought all kinds of textbooks to keep in her room. She went for classes and made friends. She always had heavy makeup on. She managed to stay incognito. She did it so well, that even the lecturers did not question her studentship.

One evening, she decided to call Kelechi. She called five times before the call was picked.

‘Hello, Kelechi’, Yemisi said.

There was silence.

‘I’m just calling to ask how you are. I really miss you’


‘How are Mummy and Daddy? And your cousins?’


‘I noticed you are not posting on YouTube anymore. If you ever want to talk, I’m here’


‘Okay, just take care of yourself’.

The call was cut. Yemisi sighed.

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