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Over the next few weeks, she got closer to Goke. They would fool around but not do anything serious. It was pretty obvious that Goke liked her.

One night, around 9pm, she got up to leave.

‘Ah ahn, Sandra. it’s already late. Why don’t you spend the night?’, Goke asked.

‘Spend the night with you? Ehh no’, she said, giggling.

‘Why not?’, he asked.

‘Bad boy like you. I know it’s not just sleep you want me to do here’

‘You have a dirty mind. How do you know we won’t knit wool scarves and talk about our feelings all night?’, he asked.

Yemisi laughed and got up. ‘I should go now, Goke’

Goke stood up. ‘I don’t get you. You keep giving me mixed messages. What do you want?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘One minute, you’re flirting and all over me, another minute, you’re leaving so quickly like you’re afraid or something’

Yemisi sighs. ‘I’m not afraid. I just...’

‘Are you a virgin or something?’, he asked.

She scoffed. ‘No’.

He moved closer and held her waist. ‘So what’s the problem?’

Yemisi stared into his eyes for a while. Then against her instinct, she wraps her arms around his neck and answered, ‘Nothing’.

Then they moved to his bed.

Hours passed and as Goke was asleep, Yemisi went to the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and burst into silent painful tears.

She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Just hours ago, she had gone through the most uncomfortable experience she ever had. She was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. She had to talk to someone. She sat on the bathroom floor, hugged her knees and called Kelechi.

It rang once and the call was picked.

‘Hello?’, Kelechi said.

Yemisi sobbed softly. Then she said, ‘Kelechi, I miss you. I can’t live without you. You’re the only family I have’


‘Please come back. I promise to put this all behind us. Let’s move to another state and continue our lives. Please, I need you’

‘Yemisi, I’ve been trying really hard to heal from this experience ever since it happened. And I saw that I never really moved on until I came home to my parents’

‘Then come back. Let’s heal together’

‘Let me rephrase that. I never really moved on until I was far away from you’.

Yemisi could not believe her ears. She said nothing.

‘I really wish you all the best, Yemisi. But we can’t get back together’. Then she hung up.

Yemisi hugged her knees and cried for what seemed like hours. Then she got up, dried her eyes and went back to the room.

Goke had a flatmate named Solomon, who was always never in the room. Well, almost always because this night, he was home. He saw Yemisi walk past the kitchen so he called softly, ‘Sandra!’

Yemisi went to the kitchen to join him, he was making sandwiches.

‘Don’t judge me. I eat at 3am’, Solomon said, smiling.

‘No judgement here. Give me some’, she said. He handed her one peanut butter sandwich and she chowed down.

‘You know, Goke really likes you’, Solomon said.

‘Really’, she says nonchalantly.

‘Serious. He talks about you all the time. Sandra this, Sandra that’

‘Be whining me there’

‘I’m serious, I’ve never seen a Moss so whipped’

‘A what?’

‘Moss. Black Moss. The fraternity’

Fraternity in this part of the world meant only one thing, cult.

‘Oh of course. Black Moss. I know them’, she lied. ‘I just didn’t know Goke belonged there’.

‘Oh, it’s because he’s so reserved, that’s why you wouldn’t know. It’s basic here to belong to a fraternity. For protection and street cred’

‘Which fraternity are you in?’

‘None. I’m never around in school, so they haven’t looked my way yet. But you, you’re dating a Moss. There are girls that would kill to be you right now’

‘I didn’t even know he was one’

‘Everyone belongs to one. Students o, lecturers o. Even security officers. There’s Red Axe, Green Blade, Blue Serpent. Just pick a colour and add a random object, we have a fraternity like that at Leverson. Not to mention the tacky uniforms’

‘I didn’t really notice the uniforms’

‘You’re not very observant, are you? New initiates like to rock their uniforms. Especially Black Moss and their ugly green shirts’

Yemisi held her breath. ‘Now that you mention it, I have seen Black Moss before. Green shirts and black trousers and shoes?’

‘Yes o. That’s them’, Solomon said, finishing off his sandwich. ‘I’ll be in my room. See you tomorrow’

‘Okay. Bye bye’

Yemisi went to Goke’s room and stared at his sleeping figure. He was part of the gang that attacked her and Kelechi. What if he turned out to be among the people that hit her till she blacked out? The thought made her blood boil. She was getting closer to finding answers and now that Goke liked her, she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.

She crawled into bed beside him and held him. It took a few hours before she drifted into sleep.

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