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One evening, almost four months after the incident at the hotel, Yemisi was hanging out with Goke at a buka when Black Moss members came over to greet Goke. They invited them to a party that was happening a few kilometers away, so they went. At the party, Yemisi saw many young men wearing the Black Moss uniform.

As usual, Yemisi was wearing very heavy make up. Goke and his crew began to drink a lot and talk loudly at their VIP table. Yemisi didn’t drink anything.

‘Have you guys been away from campus recently?’, she asked.

‘Why’d you ask?’, Goke inquired.

‘I was at His Excellency hotel a few months ago and I saw police there. I wonder what happened’

‘You don’t worry about that’, a Moss said.

‘But I thought His Excellency was one of your joints?’, she asked.

A look of discomfort spread across some members’ faces.

‘Excuse us, guys’, Goke said and moved Yemisi away from the table. As they were walking to the car, she asked, ‘What did I say?’

‘Nothing. It’s just that the guys like to keep things exclusive to the fraternity. I mean, you were only allowed into the party because you were with me’

‘Let me drive’, Yemisi said and stretched out her hands for the keys. He gave her the keys and she drove to his apartment. All the way, he was laughing with glee and stumbling as he walked.

‘It looks like you’ve had too much to drink’, Yemisi laughed. She guided him into his apartment and onto his bed.

As she took off his shoes and socks, she asked him, ‘So what happened at His Excellency that the guys are so sensitive about?’

He giggled. ‘I’m really not supposed to talk to you about that’

‘Why not? I won’t tell anyone, I promise’

‘Noooooo’, he slurred and laughed.

She smiled and kissed him. ‘You love me, don’t you?’

‘Of course’

‘Then I promise that whatever you say here will not leave this room’

He smiled at her, rolled his eyes and sighed. ‘Okay. The guys had an operation at His Excellency a few months ago’

‘What was the operation?’

‘It wasn’t really an operation. It was more of a teach a lesson type situation’

‘I’m listening’

He stared at her. Then he smiled and said. ‘A few months ago, I saw this babe, one fine babe like that on YouTube. Her body was smoking and I had a massive crush on her. But then she was just wasting. She was always saying she’s a lesbo. The babe blocked me o, when I messaged her. I don’t know what she was feeling like’

Yemisi was calculating her breaths so she could remain calm.

‘She blocked me everywhere o. It was one of my guys that showed me a post where her location showed the hotel she was staying. It was one of our joints, so we just arranged ourselves to go and teach her a lesson’

Yemisi’s hands balled into tight fists.

‘What lesson?’, she asked.

‘Just something to show her what she was missing out on. All those lesbians just need someone to screw them right’

Yemisi stood up.

‘How many of you went for this operation?’, she asked.

Goke laughed and said, ‘Why are you asking me all these questions?’

She said nothing for a moment and walked to his cupboard. She pulled out his gun from where she knew he hid it and pointed it at him.

‘What are their names?’, she asked softly.

The alcohol seemed to clear from his eyes as he saw the gun. He lay still on his bed in shock.

‘What are you talking about?’, he asked, eyes wide.

‘The names of the other bastards you raped that girl at His Excellency with’

‘Sandra, please put down the gun’

‘WHAT ARE THEIR FUCKING NAMES?!’, Yemisi screamed as she reached forward and punched him straight in the nose.

He wriggled in pain as blood seeped down from his nostrils.

‘Tell me their names now’, she said.

‘Sandra, why are you doing this?’, he asked with moist eyes.

‘The name is Yemisi and I was the other girl with the one you raped the day you attacked us’

His eyes opened even wider.

She cocked the gun. ‘This is the last time I will ask. Who were the other guys?’

With blood flowing down his face, he said, ‘John, Lekan, Usman and Remi’.

‘You have their numbers?’, she asked as she picked up his phone and unlocked it.

He nodded.

‘What are their names saved as?’, she was going through his contact list. She made him point out which contact was which, then she texted all four of them to come to his apartment in an hour’s time. Then she tied him up, muffled him and locked him in the bathroom.

She sat on the sofa in the living room and waited for them. Around 45 minutes later, all four guys came together to the door. She let them in with a smile.

‘Sandra, how far?’, one of them greeted. ‘Where’s Goke? He asked us to meet him here’

‘He’ll be right out. You can sit down’, she said. As they took their seats, she locked the door. Twice.

Another one of them noticed and asked, ‘What’s going on?’

She faced them, holding her hands behind her, ’I’m sure you remember June 15th, the day you helped Goke rape one Kelechi Dawson?’

‘What is the meaning of this?’, one of them asked as he got up.

‘Sit down’, she said and pointed a gun at him. He sat back down as the other guys exchanged horrified looks.

‘Which one of you is John?’, she asked.

One of them raised his hand.

‘Well, I think I remember you. You’re the tallest one, the guy who kept kicking me and broke my leg’, she said, smiling. ‘And you’, she said to the one who greeted when they first walked in, ‘You’re the most muscular. You’re the one that held Kelechi down as Goke fucked her, aren’t you?’

She burst into hysterical laughter. The guys kept glancing at one another, as they did not know what to do.

‘You know what the funny part is?’, she continued amid the laughter, ‘It’s the audacity, the arrogance that you guys had to do what you did. What self entitlement’

The one named John was reaching into his pocket to get his phone. She saw him and shot his leg.

At the piercing FWAI! sound, the others jumped out of the way. John collapsed on the floor. She shot at him again, but only a click was heard. The gun was empty!

The muscular one lunged for her, but she was quick to defend. She caught his right arm and flipped him to the ground. One pulled out a knife from his boots and threw it at her. She weaved it and it stuck in the cabinet door behind her. Meanwhile, the fourth guy was at the door, trying desperately to open it. She pulled out the knife and flung it at the guy at the door. The knife went straight through his neck and he fell.

The muscular one and the knife throwing guy were the ones left. They were circling her. The muscular one grabbed her neck in a chokehold from behind and the knife guy held her legs. As she pulled at the biceps crushing her neck, she wriggled one leg free and kicked the knife guy in the face. Then to the muscular guy’s surprise, she leaned forward, lifting him up from the air and then with all her might, flipped and slammed him to the ground. As he fell, she grabbed his neck and twisted it. The loud crack was all she needed to hear.

She screamed as she felt a sudden pain in her shoulder, it was a knife. The knife guy had thrown it at her. She pulled it out and aimed for him. They parried and crossed hands as they battled, but not for long, she managed to kick his legs and sweep him to the ground, then in one swift motion, she pushed the knife into his chest. After spasming for a few seconds, he stopped moving.

She looked round the room. The one named John was still on the floor with the gunshot wound on his leg, still breathing and conscious. She undid the sash that was tied around the dress she was wearing and went towards him.

As she tilted him up, he sputtered, ‘What have you done with Goke?’

‘He’s fine right now, but not for long’, she replied as she tied the sash round his neck.

‘You’re going to pay for this. Remi’s father would come for you’, he said as he pointed towards the muscular guy.

‘I’ll look forward to it’, she smiled.

‘The Night Owl will come for you. They’ll destroy everyone you know and love’, he said as blood flowed from his mouth.

She paused, because she knew the Night Owl. Then she snickered.

‘They already have. Now hang tight. This will hurt you more than it will hurt me’, she said, tightening the sash on his neck. After he struggled and thrashed, he stopped moving.

She stood up and looked round the room. She was the only living thing there. Then she went to the bathroom and brought out Goke. At the sight of the bodies on the floor, he began to sob like a baby.

As he was still bound by ropes, she doubled him over the arm of the couch. She bent down to face him and stroked his cheek, ‘Stop crying. Just like you taught Kelechi a lesson, I’ll teach you one too. And guess what, I’ll be using the same teaching method’

Goke’s sobs intensified as she went to bring out a broomstick and unhook the stick from the brush. Then she pulled down his trousers and proceeded to impale his backside with the stick. There was a lot of bruising and bleeding and screaming and crying, all on Goke’s part.

Yemisi heard a sound. She left the stick in Goke and went towards the sound, which was from Solomon’s room.

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