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She opened the room door and waited silently. Then she heard it again.

‘I know you’re under the bed. Come out’, she said.

Solomon creeped out from under the bed, trembling.

‘How long have you been there?’, she asked.

‘I heard when you came in with Goke. I was asleep, but when I heard a gunshot, I went under my bed for cover’

‘What else did you hear?’, she asked, moving closer to him.

‘Nothing’, he said, shaking. But his petrified eyes said it all, he must have heard everything. The blood on her clothes didn’t help matters either.

She sighed. ‘I want you to walk straight to the main door and not look back. When you step out the door, you head far away from here. Understand?’

He nodded, still shaking and began to walk. He trembled past her and walked into the living room. He whimpered at the sight of Goke and all the other bodies and ran for the door. Before he touched the door handle, Yemisi threw a knife and it went straight through his neck. He fell immediately.

She went to check Goke, who was no longer moving. He neither had a pulse.

She took her phone and left the apartment. She locked the door behind her and slid it underneath the door back into the room.

It was around 2am at the time, so she walked to her apartment unseen. She took off all her clothes, stuffed them into a nylon bag. Then she took a long shower, washing away all the blood and makeup.

After that, she took the nylon bag with the bloody clothes, her fake student ID, her books, clothes, everything that showed Sandra existed and burnt them in a small bonfire at the backyard.

As she was packing up her laptop, passports and her suitcase of money, she received a call. It was Kelechi. She picked the call.

‘Hello, Yemisi’, Kelechi said.


‘I was just calling to know how you’ve been. And to tell you that I’ve missed you’

‘What are you doing, Kelechi?’

‘I’m tired of being away from you. I’ve realised that nothing that happened was your fault’

Yemisi said nothing.

‘I just wanted to know if I’m still welcome in your home. You know, if we can get back together’

After a few seconds of silence, Yemisi said ‘No’ and hung up. Then she tore out the sim card and broke it.

She proceeded to pack the rest of her stuff. Then she pulled out another phone from her suitcase and called someone.

‘Hello, Mr Ntuk, it’s Yemisi o. please do you know anyplace in Lagos that is available for rent? Nothing too big sha. Oh okay sir. Expect me there by tomorrow. Okay sir. Bye’.

Then she stuffed all her things into her car and left.

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