"The Game"

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The story is about the game which is too dangerous and full of mystery..A girl who's name is Wu Xing together with her bestfriend will try to unlock the hidden things...

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Chapter 1

"Okay class, lets all welcome our visitors.. they are from the GES / GAME ESCAPE SOCIETY" maam sally introduce

We all stand and faced them with a great greetings

"Best afternoon too..Ohh so this is the jade section, im glad to meet you all..By the way i am sir Anthony a founding member of the GES"..He introduce himself

"Oh my ghad"

"his so handsome"...

words and shoutings you will hear from behind

"By the way students, this are the papers which give you a chance to be part of the game...In short this will be the entrance ticket..Read it carefully, then have a sign on it,if you agree and also your parents signature that will mark as their permission..Remember this is only for people who want to join and student who have permission..So thats all for today, Thank you section jade "...
words he says before giving the papers and go

"hey, are you joining"

"yes im in , you too okay"


"AHHAHAH great"...

happy laughing like theres no doubt in joining the game

"you guys will agree so fast ,have you ever done reading whats in the written"
room filled so quite for a second

"its fine, you see its too long and almost have 3 pages"

"yeah you said it so right HAHAHA"...

their laughter like no fear about the warning of their schoolmate

"chin, hey chin!!!!!"
i wake to reality when i heard my friend's voice

"what is it Sina?!!"..i madly says

"aww why so sassy ... but change topic are you too thinking about what gonna happen to them?"

"uhmm yeahh hayssttt"

"if only they know about the mystery of that game"

yeah she's right..its says that student who entered those game especially when your weak-hearted will never gonna reached out

To be continue ....
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