PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Peel Conwood is a twenty-seven year old successful editor at the leading "Foxan Magazine". She is rich, attractive and intriguing but despite all these she is a banal soul who resides alone in her enormous luxurious apartment. Miguel Rodriguez (her boss) feels a strong attraction towards her but his feelings are always discarded by her only friend April, who is protective of her. Peel finds herself entrapped in loops whirled with past emotions. Things escalate to bitterness when one day she is found laying stabbed in her own apartment. Her family and friends are concerned about her, but the real question is, what does her mother know about all these? And after all what is on her mind? To unleash herself from this cyclic melancholic wheel she needs to lose herself in an anonymous newcomer. If you are a fan of "Shutter Island", "Fight Club" this book is definitely for you!

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Chapter 1

Millenniums back when the earth was nothing but the greens and blues, where among the birds, mammals, reptiles and insects resided the most divine and powerful creatures, sculpted majestically by the sole power who carved everything into shapes and dimensions. He had only blessed these powerful creatures amidst them all with paramount powers. Human beings strode with their natural instincts. They preyed, built caves, hibernated, mated and did whatever they had to in order to survive. It was them versus the wild and the survival game had led to their greatest discoveries.

Peel Conwood exhaled deeply as the red truck she was staring at all this while started its engine. The vehicle gradually drove away from her vantage point. It was 10 AM and she did not know what she wanted to do after getting out from the coffee shop. She sipped in from her mug. The coffee was no longer hot so she gulped it down. She slouched on the big sofa chair inhaling in the warm aroma. A labyrinth of fresh matcha, coffee beans and bread. How she loved the ambience she thought closing her eyes. She took a long last deep breath, then got up cleared her bills at the cash counter and headed to doing the next thing she had considered.

Twenty minutes later she found herself at a souvenir shop. The antic melamine, crystal chandeliers, net canopies, carved wood boxes. If she had not been working on her recent piece “The rape prejudice” she surely would have written something regarding art work but why would the world care about art? Rape was a leading issue but does the world truly care about that? As a matter of fact, does anyone care about anything? People just want to read and learn about all the cascade of catastrophes going around so that they could presumably whine, pity or make their sulky comments and move on with their lives.

“Excuse me miss?”

The endless thoughts clouding her mind were gone in a snap as the voice broke in from behind, she turned to find a short statured stout man probably in his late fifties staring with his brown eyes and gaped smile.

“How may I help you?”

“Yes sure, I was looking for some scented candles.”

“Oh yes Madame! We have some right there at the corner.”

There were still people in the 21st century who said Madame she thought as the old man escorted her to the corner.

“Yes, Madame as you can see, we have jasmine and rose, there is the cinnamon and honey then rose an………”

His voice blurred into a vague hum as her eyes scrutinized through the labels. Floral scents were something she despised off and it was the same for cinnamons.

“I will have that one sir.” she pointed at the vanilla and cocoa scented piece.

The man took out the candle, removed the lids and carefully handled it over to her. She took in the fragrance gently breathing it out. The jar was slightly bigger than her palms and it was the perfect one. She is usually very picky but this seemed to come altogether so precisely she that was content.

“Please could you pack this one for me?”

“Yes, sure Madame!” the old man nodded as joy sparkled up his eyes.

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